Sunday, February 16, 2014

Phone with Flappy Bird installed : For sale

Did you hear the news already that there are tons of for sale gadgets along online shopping or online selling sites? The crazy thing there is that all this for sale phones, ipad, and iphones only has Flappy Bird installed and that is the reason why the owners of this gadget has the guts to sell them. Flappy Bird is the famous application by Dong Nguyen. It is said to be annoying enough to be an addictive game. Flappy Bird is simply a tap to Fly Game. But this application was removed by its creator while its in the  peek of popularity.

If you wanna know why this is removed try checking : Flappy Bird Says Goodbye

 At first I don't buy the idea. It's kinda crazy, isn't it? But upon searching different online shop or online stores  the proof that this phenomena is really happening is right before my eyes. " PHONE WITH FLAPPY BIRD INSTALLED" was the common keyword so that these gadgets will appear. Those prices they made for their phones are double the real price of it in brand new, to think that it is second hand already.

I witness a news last night where a girl having her apple ipad installed with Flappy Bird and the selling price is 40,000 Pesos. That is triple than the ipads original price which is 19,000 considering that it is already 3 years old. Hows that ?

I am really confused what's happening . This is just an application and I don't think it's worth paying many of dollars. In case, there are so called " APP SHARER" where others can share their downloaded application for example this Flappy Bird to another android phone. So why buy a new second hand phone?

I do not recommend this but I rather say that instead of buying the phone you can look for it on   ,torrent either or some illegal sites which already had this one and not deleted so far. Why waste money guys ?

Just give it to me if your kind enough !


John Vinny Marquez said...

Hi, new here :) Some are just taking advantage of the trend. Not everyone knows how to jailbreak so the easiest for them would be to purchase a new phone :)

Jackie Pagal said...

Thanks for dropping by.
But to think that its really not easy to have some dollars too.