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Book Review : Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I am now reading my 5th book from Dan Brown's collection, yup I just called it collection a fascinating and the most loved collection of mine. What I'm reading now is " DIGITAL FORTRESS" and I'm about to finish it and I'm planning to review all these Dan Brown Books I already read which is : Angels & Demons , The Lost Symbol, Da Vinci Code and Deception Point . So let us start by having a Book Review of Angels and Demons.

the actual cover of the book I read from various covers.

Facts : 

Angels and Demons was publish on 2000 and became the best Mystery-thriller noovel
It is written by Dan Brown and publish by Pocket Books with it's Publisher Simon and Schuster.
The book contains 713 pages.
The book contains ambigrams that is actually created by a real cryptographer John Langdon
The setting is around Vatican City, Rome

( Everything you'll read from this point is all based on the perception, viewpoint and fully opinionated by this blogs author.)

Review : 


This is probably the first thriller-novel I would be reading so I'm not looking forward on finishing it. Why? Because I'm just too lazy and I'm not really a fan of thriller and mystery. My classmates only forced me to buy it and tests me if I can finish a whole book. Quite disgusting right ?

I turned on the pages and was stunned by how the author showed very strong descriptive way of letting the readers imagine or picture out each and every scenario. It's like you as a reader was there inside the book wondering and seeing the actual scene. The use of words are powerful and convincing. I almost didn't noticed that I'm on the 10 chapter already. 

The characters of Robert Langdon, Vittoria Vetra, Masimilian Kohler and almost everyone in the story was full of mystery. They are hallow characters that you might think everyone was the antagonist. You can't guess what will happen on the next turn of the page. Seriously as I read this my heart was pumping too fast because of the adrenalin I was feeling while reading the book. Oh or I'm just over reacting? nope I really felt the rush in every chapter of the book. 

When it comes to the surprises I bet you've got it all here. All the suspense you want is in here. I couldn't deny the fascinating sequence of happening the book had offer. You may be disturb by realistic images of brutal killings here but you can just skip the words or page rather. The Cathedrals and the Vatican really amazed me. Those terminologies are unfamiliar off course.

The ending was very unexpected. It's not predictable and you'll be absolutely shocked as I am. Well, I guess here is when we will be choosing which is Angels, and Which is Demons. Robert Langdon did a great job here! I finished the book in 1 week, quite a long time for me but atleast I finsihed it and I didn't noticed it.
at the end I didn't regret buying Angels and Demons. 


After reading Angels and Demons I can't help myself but ask a lot of question to my very own self.  There are various of questions in my mind after reading it so I need to find answers. I search online :) Those ambigrams are really fascinating, they are awesome. I printed a couple of them. I reviewed the map of Rome ! Conspiracies, that's my word in this book. A bunch of undefined knowledge was pack on my head. This book will let you realize or maybe think, which one is fact and which is fiction. It will question your faith and belief. It will let you identify the truth and the lies. Well, I didn't absorb everything in the book since I have my own perception . But hell yeah, if you're too numb and can't distinguish anymore your own belief because you are easily influenced better stop reading the book :p

NOTE : not advisable for religious people.

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