Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Junior-Senior Prom

              They said that high school life is not complete without your J.S Pom ( Junior-Senior Prom). . J.S Prom is the most awaiting night for high schoolers.After long years of hard studies , students should be rewarded for their hard work. They need to unwind their stressed minds and bodies.

            Lat February 17, 2012 , Fort Bonifacio High School , Located at Makati, Phil. celebrated a night full of cheers. We at FBHS enjoyed a prom ( unforgettable prom ) . Here are some photos that I took .

Me with my classmates

my classmates with the coordinators 

Danci'n and party rocki'n night !

Yah , we really have fun. The couples in high school dance when sweet music place and party people rocks when party songs are in the disc. DJ rides our trip and do some disc jockey trick.
Although it only last for 5 hours. 4-9 pm , We still enjoyed it

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Valentine

     I just wanna share the stuffs I receive this Valentine's Day . I really appreciate my boyfriend for giving this stuffs !! Honestly , last February 13 we just had a fight and I'm not expecting any gift from him. I know its my fault but daaa ,,, the pride again . Well , I'm lucky for I have a boy who really understands me and loves me so .

Notice those Hello kitty's there ??? yah ,, isn't it obvious that I love Hello kitty ?
I really love her .

So now I wanna say sorry for being childish . I know your reading and visiting my blog even when your too busy. Thanks for the love . I'm really blessed because of you !!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some changes on my blog !

   Why do I have this feeling that I wasn't contented in my blog . The style , the theme , the content , the viewers , the comments , everything. I 'm fun of adding or removing stuffs .

   Now I decided again to have a big change . I will organize this blog well , I will always visit and update this.
Hope you guys understand my crazy and unpredictable mind !!


             Why do I felt so sad when I saw my PR turned into 0 from 3 to 2 then now what ???
waaaaahhhhh .... Its annoying ! I really felt bad . Who am I to COMPLAIN AND GET MAD ABOUT IT .Its all my fault why my pagerank crushed. I'm too busy this past few days due to school activities and college entrance exams. I get lost on track . I forgot and failed to update my post or even visit my blog for a second.
Its very grrr !! Hate it .

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saint Valentine's Day

             Valentine's Day is the day celebrated usually in the 14th of February honoring one of the great christian martyr, Saint Valentine . He was arrested and imprisoned for he was caught marrying Christian couples who were at that time being persecuted by Claudius II. The reigning Claudius the II commanded all the soldiers of the empire to never married and have no  relationships for it will just cause distraction to them. St. Valentine was killed on Feb 14 269 A.D.

     People in the early days traditionally give gifts and flowers to their special someones. This gift giving and love sharing moments are celebrated internationally. The way of showing love continues to evolved and been seen through different forms and ways .

  • giving chocolates / flowers  --> Material gifts
  • sending of Valentine Cards
  • Love letters -- > emails
  • Harana ( Filipino way of courting )
  • Poem writing / song writing  
  • sending text messages / calls
  • Dating  etc.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mental Block

         A very normal phenomenon which is encountered by almost all of the people. Yes , mental block is just normal, but that is for the people who don't really understand it. Well , Mental block is the inability to recall something , to think of something or to perform a mental action. Any individual may encounter this for it does not choose time , place and situation when to occur. It may be during your class hours, office meeting , special occasion , grand ball , parties and worst in your examination day .

          Why does MENTAL BLOCK happen ??

  • Sticking in one thought - avoid sticking in one idea, don't set your mind close specially when gathering data. You should always be open-minded.
  • Not Paying attention - during your class or office hours you will notice yourself listening but words just enter in the right then exit to the left .You should be mentally and physically active in discussion. Your ears and eye's specially your mind should be focus on the speaker. 
  • Not being prepared - in connection in "Not paying attention" this i also a a challenge in our mental and physical alertness. You should always be attentive and easy to reach. Don't let your minds swim or fly out of the world. 
  • Not setting your time - in our multitasking generation we should watch our schedule. Time management is highly needed. We should avoid running out of time and rush hours. That's a big NO ' NO ! You really have a lot of chances in forgetting lots of things.
  • Stress - when you are very active in lots of activity  and a hardworking person , you might be a stressed one too. When your mind and body are being forced and always in use , it might function slowly. Be sure to take some vitamins.
  • Overwhelmed/ depressed - when a person carries mix emotion or sometimes over flowing emotion we are prone on forgetting so much and being trapped in one corner of idea.
  • Mixed idea - thinking so much will cause a total block-out . That's it . 

      Everyone might experience this , specially when solving math and science problems , but we have different    unique ways to overcome and remember things again .

              Facing MENTAL BLOCK !

  • Shake your head .
  • Do the inhale-exhale process
  • Be calm ( don't be so obvious that you forgot something )
  • Stay on track - continue with the discussion
  • Don't force yourself to remember
  • Change / jump to another topic 
  • Don't try to write if your mind is empty
  • Play with your ideas

        Mental block is usual but when it became severe, or it occur regularly , it will be obviously unusual. You should be aware of whats already happening to you . Have the initiative to go to your trusted physician. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm a WINNER !

       I'm a forgetful person and I really admit that. This past week , a thought knocks on my mind. It says that I entered some giveaway raffles hosted by different bloggers. I can't remember whom and where did I joined and whats the prizes . Well , its usual for me . Then suddenly a post from Ms. Joy Blanca caught my attention . The post contain the winners of her Notepad Corners Author Birthday Bash. "I joined this raffle" this came into my mind. I opened the link and then .... dandararan ..... [ drum roll ] .... I won the second prize which is an ELECTRIC BLENDER !

Special thanks to Ms. Joy Blanca for hosting my first winning raffle contest here in the blogsphere .
I am very happy because I just broke our blender last December .
Now tada! an instant replacement for it ...

Monday, February 06, 2012

My PageRank Decreased

           When I head the news that the Google Page Rank already made an update . I rapidly went to their site to check out if my page rank increase or decrease . The bad news was in front of me. From PR 3 my page rank goes down to PR 2. Well , I don't know why its like that . I really have no idea .

        Honestly when I got the PR3 , I was really shocked and happy off course . Know why ? its because I haven't done anything to make my page rank that high.. I was just a beginner and my blogging career just started last 4 months ago. There are bloggers which I met who keeps on asking me what did I do to get that PR 3 . I;m a shame for I have nothing to reply. I don't know how my blog reached that page rank.

        It's just sad to know that my page rank decreased . Very sad but thats still okay . I will just continue my way of blogging ..

Friday, February 03, 2012

Bestfriends of Mine

.I just made a video . Collections of some of our pictures together.
We are the best of friends . I love them , really really love them !!

Join a giveaway from Gelleesh

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

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