Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graduation Day

      The most a waited part of my high school life finally arrived . Last March 28, 2012 my Graduation Day was held in Fort Bonifacio High School . It was indeed a successful and victorious day for the 1,620 graduates including me (Kinda big population our school has). It went fine although some unexpected instances happened so that I called it an " EPIC FAIL GRADUATION " ( exaggerated ) . But of-course it ended so fine and memorable.

here is the story :

     The rule says that all of the student with their parent/guardian with 1:1 ration needs to be in school and form their line at 5:00 am to 5:30 am . The march of the graduates should start at 5:45 am and exactly 6:00 am the program will start . The rule was practiced repeatedly a week before the very day but still some "pasaway" student didn't make it that early. Weather the sections we're complete or not . The March start as what the rule said at 5:45 . Students should fill up all the seats and should not leave spaces . So where will the late comers  sit ???  They will sit at the back . At the back of the last section which is section 32 .

     At 6:00 am the program started but after a paragraph of the opening speech , the microphone collapsed . It was not heard then . The coordinators found that the power shut down . The sound system was affected . We waited for a few minutes and laugh when our teachers brought out a mega phone .

We don't really mean to laugh about that mega phone but  duhhh , the moment dude. All was quiet and serious then you'll brought out a mega phone like that . After a few seconds of laughter they tried using the mega phone . We don't know if they really know how to use it . ( Am I bad telling this ?? )
we get bored to just took some pictures  :

The sound system went fine after 5 or 6 minutes.  We just go on the program . Proceeding to the introduction of our distinguished guests, teachers, faculty heads, Dep-Ed officials and our Principal III, Mr. Wilmore C. Moredo .The Awarding of honors took so long . We had Mercury Drug and some sponsors who gave a plaque of recognition to them. FEU ( Far Eastern University ) granted our Valedictorian a full scholarship while half scholarship is granted to our Salutatorian. Some special guests took the floor and deliver their speech. At almost  8:00 am , the distribution of diplomas start. From section 1( Bonifacio) then section 2 , 3 and my beloved section 4 ( Agoncillo ) then downwards . Unexpectedly, an announcement fom the speaker fill our ears. " Let's all welcome the arrival of our dear Makati City mayor , Mr. Junjun Binay " , Eveyone stand ang clap our hands. Luckily , Mr. Mayor did not use the center isle rather the use the side way going to the stage so me , sitting at the side got the chance to shake hands with him .

The giving of diplomas continue with Mr. Mayor on the stage helping to distribute the diplomas. 
After that was the Valedictorian speech . Not that so emotional because they prefer it in English. ( we want it in Tagalog and on the spot  so that the emotion  will be emphasize, but no choice . )  Not to mention the time but it was already 10:00 am and the Mr. Sun is up up in the sky already . Super duper hot , as in we're burning . The teachers said that we are not allowed to use umbrellas or stand on where we are sitted but we have no choice ( baka maka-heat stroke kame ) So we did our own ways to avoid being toasted . Some put hanky's on their head and we girl just bow our heads..( Lusaw na maek-up namen ) .
At 11:30 the program ended with greetings to their 1,620 students Batch 2011-2012.

Me with my Father. He's one proud parent at this moment . ( how I wish . joke )

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Graduation Day is coming !

              The most awaited part of being a high school student is the day that he /she will be walking on the stage and a rolled diploma will be given  to his/her. Mixed emotions with cheerful atmosphere will surround you. But is this really the day that high school student was waiting for ??

              When my fourth year  arrive, I actually wanted to turn back the calendar and move the hands of time faster. I don't really feel something special in my senior year. Same old faces  , same old friends. Same old school and same old teacher ( OLD??? ... I'm too bad ) . Time goes by and hence of those stressful days that comes along my way , I'm finding life a bit exciting . Preparation for the up coming graduation is the rumors. Different hear-say's and  but-if's. It was usual back then . But as the quarter of the year passed. The feeling is getting unusual . Task and research works are being piled up. Different requirement was needed. Hazardous situation is coming one by one. At this point , we can all say that graduation is really really near.

              Excitement is the most abundant feeling that overflows to us students. But the fact is not yet clear to us. Yes WE ARE GRADUATING , but why ??? why do we need to step out in our Alma Mater . I know I can answer this question on my own but still it's stock  on  my mind. The awkward moment when you feel so happy and excited because graduation day is getting nearer then suddenly you just frown and think of everything . The  moments, the memories  , the place , the teachers , classmates and your friends. Isn't it sad leaving them ? Isn't it annoying that you'll be entering strange building again next year ? Isn't it hard to sit on a classroom without  those same old classmates? Isn't it disgusting eating alone in your new canteen without your friends?

     Why am I saying this ?? why don't I go straight to the point .

     I admit that I'lll missing the old times. Everything !
Sad that I can't top now the time. Mad about the dull days that passes . Now I'm wishing to bring back the pages of our calendar and put them back again . How I wish I got Doraemon on my side to bring out the time machine. But thou it hurts alot, still we need to surpass all this stages in life . Its reality that we are living  in this wold of changes. We, I just need to accept it .


Saturday, March 10, 2012

SENIOR LIFE : Last Quarter

      These past days I had been very very busy in school . There's so much things that I need to accomplish and so much requirements I need to complete .I need to prepare for lots of test and events . I need to submit different projects and notebooks. I know these situation are common when the last quarter of school days arrive and I'm used to it already but as of now that these is the last quarter and last phase of my high school life and I can say that this is not the usual preparation for the end of classes.

      Senior life is not easy . Here you should be preparing yourself to a bigger challenge . This is the time where you need to choose courses which made you confused. Here you should start maturing and take life seriously. Senior life is not the start but a preparation like what I have said to the real world.

        Now is the last quarter of my senior life and I'm so stressed .. whaahahahah !!                
Rushing all day to complete duties which I left undone. My mind burst every time we took surprise test . I get confused when taking up entrance exams on my chosen schools without reviewing . I know I'm a big example of irresponsible  student (totoo naman po ).

              That's the reason why I can't update or write a post here. But as soon as I recover in this stressful situation I will continue posting and I ensure you that I will update regularly . For now give me some space blogsphere ^ _ ^ please !!