Friday, February 14, 2014

How to shorten your Blog post : How to put "Read More "

Are you tired on scrolling down your your blog / site just to reach the bottom ? Or you just want to add more post on the front page/main page of your blog to attract more views? Are you asking how other blogs has the "Read more" button after their short intro to their blog post? You're on the right page then. I'm here to teach you how to shorten your blog post to maximize your home page capacity of displayed post. Here is the easy steps to shorten your blog post and let's you add the "Read more" button.

Step 1 : Create your blog post. 

Step 2 : Click the the logo of the broken bond paper up there Jump icon in the toolbar
Step 3 : This bar will appear. This indicate the division of your blog pots.
              the portion above it is the only part of your blog post that will appear when you posted it.
Step 4:  This is the lower portion of your post. Any other words here will be read after the viewer clicks 
              the "Read more " button.

Step 5 : PUBLISH   :3

Very easy Darling <3

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Mia Cunanan said...

thank you :) such a big help!