Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to add Social Media Button to your Blog

Why add a Social Media Button to your blog ?

      As a blogger you want to share and reach a mass number of audiences to your blog. Every blog post you write has a targeted audience that you assume to reach. Your not just writing for yourself here, your writing for the benefit of many and it would not be nice for you if your blog has limited viewers only.

     In this case you need to manual copy and past the link of your blog post in any social media network you like to share it. It's taking much off your time off course. Thanks to blogger that resolve that issue to serve you an easy plugin  buttons so that bloggers will be able to share their blog post easily in just one click.

The problem is this buttons provided by blogger is very limited only. ( The buttons inside the red square ) It don't let you like the post in Facebook or tweet it in Twitter.  Unlike my other plug in buttons above it. You can see the numbers of likes, tweets, pins, and many more. You can customize your buttons too. It's more easy and time saving. You can already share your post to a large number of potential viewers of your blog. You can gain more traffic and save more time. 

How to add Social Media Button to your Blog ? 

Here are the steps on how to put Social Media Button to your blog. First thing to tell you is that there is various website offering plugins like this. You don't need to actually go to Facebook and look for the code to copy on your site or to Twitter and do the same. 

1. is what I used.

2.  Select your blog Flatform

3.  Choose your preferred style. You might want it with the number of hits or without.

4. Costumize your Buttons. Choose the social media buttons you want to add on your plug in :)

5. After hitting the "GET CODE" copy and then go tour blogger layout.

6. Click ADD WIDGET and paste your code.

7. Drag it under your post and the WOLA!

This is how you put social media button using on your blog. Hope I helped :)
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