Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Papa's Birthday : Dinner at Mang Inasal

   Today is May 08, 2013 and it's my papa's birthday ^ U ^ Hooray! Happy Birthday to the best papa in the whole world !

no need to dress up, haha excuse our outfits.

Papa went to work this morning though it's his birthday he chose to go to work. We're suppose to go swimming this day but my sister can't make it so we just had dinner this evening.
Our house is very convenient simply because everything we need is just a few steps away. We have the nearest grocery, 7/11, mall, market,church, and fast food chains that can be reached with a span of minutes.

I don't take a picture of thier leche flan because it's gone immediately.

  We ordered PM1 for 4 , that is for me, my mama,papa and my sister, and 2 SM1 my 2 niece. PM1 is included in their rice-all-you can meal so can you guess how many rice I consumed? haha can't believed I got 4 rounds. Burp, I'm so full but I still have my Halo-halo and leche flan for dessert. Urgh I wanted more of the leche flan but it's too small for me so T_T next time I'll buy two for myself :)

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA :!! Thanks for the treat!

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