Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New and Exciting Stories for Everyone

Here I am again back to my old buddy here :)

A couple of times I posted an entry telling my reasons and a bunch of alibis which explains why I don't write a post. It's lack of time, Lack of momentum, circumstances, internet connection and most often its really because I have nothing to write. Why? Lack of Imagination? Maybe. But it's really lack of "ME TIME".

I barely had a chance to think deep or be alone. It's my college years and it really is a one big responsibility specially when you belong to a not-so-rich family where you got to think whether you'll have your allowance the next day or not. Drama! But really it is not my studies which I always think about. I think of my family and how can I help them and for the past years it's really complicated to focus on my studies when family problems occur. Lets end this very long introduction, my point is I encountered lots of challenges and struggles since I entered college. Not to mention I am studying at "Sintang Paaralan", Polytechnic University of the Philippines. As a proud PUPian I might soon write a post dedicated for it. Going back, upon facing every occurence in my life I seek for opportunities behind these.

Finally after reaching the age of 18, its the legal age to join the labor force here in the Philippines, I didn't waste time to hunt for a job that would save me from worrying but I promised myself to finish my study on time and wouldn't want to stop. Luckily I got a part-time job on the next summer and then another part-time job for the other half of the season. It helped me to earn a bunch but not enough actually to support my financial need, for its just for summer.  I didn't stop searching for the right job for me. I knew there is one! and I got what I am looking for.

Basically, I have a lot of new stories to tell. Inspirational and some emotional but definitely would help especially for working students and aspirants. I collect and admire all my experience upon looking back to them. As of the moment, you can't call me successful, but success has along  journey that is worth it more than the destination itself. I can say I won't give up on it.

Yehey ! I can't wait to write my diary down here :)
Hope you'll read and care to leave some comments guys.