Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ma-iba ka naman

Di mo kailangan umoo
kung di ka sangayon sa kanila
Di mo kailangan sumaludo 
sa taong di mo naman kilala.

Di mo kailangan ngumiti ng todo
kung di ka naman talaga masaya
Di  mo kailangan kumibo
kung wala ka naman alam talaga.

Kung lahat na sila ay nakaluhod
bakit hindi tayo tumayo
bakit hindi tayo tumango
sabayan ang kanilang pagyuko.

Babagtasin mo ba'y tulad ng kanilang tinatahak
gayung alam mong mali ang mga naiwang yapak
sisiihin mo ba ang mundo pagkat doon ka tinulak
o ibabaling ang bintang sa iyong payak na utak .

Sasabay kaba sa kabuktutan ng mundo
magsusunod-sunuran at magpapatalo
o susubukan ang daan tungo sa pagbabago .
                                                          ang desisyon ay nasa kamay mo.

Monday, January 30, 2012


                 This morning we took up our Division-Based Periodical exam . Shame on me I really don't know that it was already our exam this Monday. To think that I slept last night at 12  am.  I have no review at all, no idea and no clue of what will happen to my test result. So while taking up my exam, I found myself writing a poem. Wanna read it ?? haha you will just laugh at me because this is the true scene that happened to me this examination day .
Nagtungo sa eskwela
panulat lang ang dala
Mugto pa ang mga mata
pagkat ako'y puyat pa.

Sa silya ako'y naupo
naidlip ng saglit .
Nariyan na ang guro !
namulat sa pagkapikit.

Ako pa ba'y nananaginip ?
blangko pa ang aking isip.
sagutang papel na sa kamay nakaipit .
Naku ! ngayon na pala ang pagsusulit.

Nangamote kang bigla
nagulat ta natulala
wala kang maisip na akda.
walang masulat na talata.

Lumilipad ang aking diwa\
katabi ko'y wala rin gawa
manghuhula nalang ba ,
marka ko'y ipagsawalang bahala.

Ganyan talaga pag di nagaral
kalabasa and dapat parangal
magaaral na raw sa susunod
nangangako pa ng paluhod.

Sana sa susunod na pagsusulit
mga kamay ko'y may maiguhit
mga tamang sagot mula sa isip
pagkat ako'y nagaral na ng pilt.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sinong hindi man lang dudungaw sa bahaghari
sa makulay na pangakong naghahari
matapos bumuhos ang parusa ng hari
lumilitaw itong munting bahaghari.

Sa gitna ng unos nagtago ang araw
ako'y namangha ng biglang matanaw
makulay na guhit sa langit lumitaw
Imposible ! ang aking hiyaw .

Kumalma ang pagtangis ng madla
nahinahon ang bawat nagwawala
umusbong ang pagasang nawala
muling tumingala at sa Diyos nagtiwala .

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Mind blowing circumstances
trapping your cells in instances
leaving to hope for chances
beg to hold life in full access.

Professional pretender
your a long lost traveler
arguing in front of the mirror
wait 'till one surrender.

Your a human enclosed with freedom
yet suffering from life's boredom
you, still aiming the stardom
but not knowing God's kingdom

Monday, January 23, 2012

Searching hard

   Here I am again .
Trying hard to find a job ! huhuhu..... I'm so tired searching for a job .
I really need some extra cash . I may found  legit online jobs but most of them need a Paypal account 
( which is I  don't have) I really need a job ! 

Nowadays I should be independent already .
I should be earning some cash now. But won't loose hope. I will
try and try and try searching and finding one.
Guys pray for me or please give me an idea or suggestion .
Or maybe lead me to a site :)
Oh ! please please !!


     At times when you can't control your feelings, when you can't hide your emotions and when you can't force yourself to smile at front of others. These are the moments when you need someone to understand you. To understand you not physically and not by vocal but through your silence and through your eyes. Do you ever look for that someone , that someone who don't need any words from you to for him to know that your not ok? Me? yah! I always search for that someone.

     I found that someone in the presence of my true friends and off course in my special someone. But when I loose control of my feelings , and specially my anger. uuhhh I just get confused after about the things I have done and said. I don't know why  I'm like this but I can't sleep whenever I can't tell someone why I'm angry or why I'm sad or anything . Specially when I am hurt by one person.

    The sad part  is when I am done already saying and doing crazy things then after all of that , I'm having this feeling of regret. Some kinda disappointment to my self. Just because I loose control and I am hurt or angry I have then the rights to hurt others feelings. I'm not really thinking. I'm getting out of mind mind. What should I say aside from I'M SORRY!! SORRY , SORRY !! for the people I hurt , and the people I disappoint.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Guys I'm too tired already . I have a lot of  things to do , huh . as well as those undone task .
Well I hate being haggard but that the perfect term for me. Haaaayy .. being a 4th year and graduating student
is really a tiring phase of my life. So that is why I am now on my  week of no cellphone and no internet.
Guys hope you do understand why I can't write for a new post these days .
Please wait for me !!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Worth of Sacrifice

           As part of our values subject , my subject teacher asked us to watch a video on youtube entitled "Worth of Sacrifice" . Base on the title I knew that it has a very important lesson in it . I am so excited and finally when I got home I rapidly open my laptop and watched.It was very serious. The background music is so sad and combination of the video and music arrangement was job well done. The actors and actresses are so fine . While watching the video I didn't noticed that a tear from my eye was slowly rolling down . Then at the end , I just whip my tears . The story was so sad . Very sad . I just want to share the message with you !!

Hope you guys get the lesson from it . 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Munting Payo

Sinubukan kong ibahin ang layunin
imulat ang dapat mithiin
ituro ang daang marapat tahakin
iparating ang tunay na ibig sabihin.
Ibaon kay hindi kaylan man nanaisin
sahalip iahon sa pagkakadiin
di ko ibig na ikay hamakin
kaibigan mo akong maituturing
pagkabahala ko'y wag masamain
mga payo ko'y dinggin.
Maykapal ay iyong harapin
manalig ka't sa twina'y manalangin
Siya'y Diyos na maunawain
asahan mo ika'y didinggin
tayo na't talikdan ang dilim
humanda sa liwanag na paparating.
mabuhay para sa sariling adhikain
manindigan at maniwalang kaya mo rin.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Surprise Visit

        After Christmas I had this bored feeling. I don't do anything or any tasks. At December 27, while facing my laptop and doing a nonsense thing, my sister told me that I have a visitor. I rapidly came out and found none. Grrr there kidding me. When suddenly I heard  familiar voices. I look behind a tree near our house then I saw 2 of my best friends hiding. I can't control my smile to come out . Yes! I'm surprise. They visited me out of nowhere without my knowledge of it. There houses where to far from mine that you have to travel at least 1 hour just to get into our house. So seeing them unexpectedly wearing just simple  clothes and I know that they only made their way to escape from their own houses.. haha silly and naughty friends of mine.

       Their existence is more than enough for me but them bringing a present for me is much. The T-shirts above are our shirts. They bought me a Hello Kitty printed shirt ( because hello Kitty is my favorite ). I am so happy that day. The price is cheap but the effort and love is precious. I guess these are the best gift given to me this Christmas. Well aside from te love of my family and the blessing of God ..

      Thanks Guys for Giving such  a wonderful gift and a memorable day :) Happy to have you a always ..

Rushing for Christmas

        I am too busy these past days so I failed to write a post about my Christmas updates and activities. Hmmm I'm a bit disappointed because I think that I'm late on posting this. By the way I just wanted to share my day before the 25th of December.

         The morning of December 24 gave me a headache.When I woke up I come running to the comfort room to take a shower then rush to dressed up. Its already 10:30 am , me and my boyfriend we're already late for the train. We went to Tutuban Mall to do our last minute shopping. Huh so hazzle. We are amaze when the train already arrived. We thought that there were only few people who rides the train a day before Christmas but NO, the train almost overload. There are so many people inside it that the air can't come in and out. Some are stepping on my feet and bumping me left and right. I can't blame them for the train is moving and we were to crowded inside. Finally when We arrived at the mall, we then thought that there are few people . But NO again. There are a lot of people doing there last minute shopping too. 

           Upon roaming around the mall. We take a look of the sales and discounted items. We bought some.I can actually say that in Tutuban mall we can really save much than on other mall. We failed to go to Divisoria which is behind Tutuban Mall where the products cost least. We just bought gifts for the "inaanak's" of my boyfriend and for my niece and nephews. We had a lot of time choosing the best gifts that will suits each child's taste. We search for the best quality with the lowest price. Then Finally we're done. We just went to Jollibee to fill our empty tummies. Then at 5:00 pm we went home quick. As fast as we can.We walk and ride just to ensure that we are going to be home for dinner.

           We arrived at 6:45 pm at home and rapped the gifts quick. We finished rapping at 8:00 pm to be exact then prepare the table for dinner. We had a busy and tired day. Everyone of the family member enjoyed our dinner. ( sorry for not having the pictures ) You just dropped by on my facebook account and its all there. Well, don't have much food on our table but we have yummy and delicious leche flan , salad , ham , spaghetti , caldereta , Paella and Chicken Garlic all cooked by my father. We have celebrated a beautiful Christmas .