Thursday, July 31, 2014

PHOTO A DAY WEEK 6 : July 24 - July 30

July 24 : Share a coke with RON

July 25 : Alarming

July 26 : Pamatid-Uhaw "Lycky Cup"

July 27 : Fast Phase

July 28 : Long train

July 29 : Staircase

July 30 : Dark School Days

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PHOTO A DAW WEEK 4 : July 17 - July 23

 July 17 : New Era


July 18 : Dragons

July 19 : Gun in Disguise

July 20 : Simple Happiness

July 21 : The Guard

July 22 : Smile Flower

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PHOTO A DAY : WEEK 4 July 10- July 16

July 10 : Found the Faith in my wrist where I use to cut

July 11 : Finding the Way out

July 12 : Honest to Goodness

July 13 : Train Drain

July 14 : Seen the Light

July 15 : The Ordinary

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


It was every journalist dream to write and let their writings be one great reading. The ambition of being the best always tempt people to commit mistakes they themselves couldn't believe they can do. Being a journalist, as one of my dreams, I knew though I haven't been there the weight of responsibility of the job. I can simply say that yah, Steve is too young thats why he was able to fabricate or made his own stories. But its not always like that, we just all have our own ways of getting things done in the easiest and fastest way we can. Steve, I guess he don't really get the privilege he has that moment when he was still writing for the New Republic. As a young journalist I do believe that he was really a good journalist to achieve the position. I was really wondering how his fabricated stories pass all the fact check, editors and publishers. To think that their process was very strict and critical. He was really good for coming up those fabricated stories. Considering the pressure around him, his family wants him to take law school, at the same time his reputation in having the humorous and best story each time they conduct meetings with the editor.

PHOTO A DAY WEEK 3 : July 3- July 9

July 3 : Faded Memories

July 4 :  Good Vibes Flow

July 5 : Metaphoric World

Thursday, July 03, 2014

When nothing goes RIGHT , go Left !

Don't envy other people, don't depend yourself to them. Don't rely your ambition to their achievements. You may be jealous and intimidated because of their success but always remember, you know their success not their failures. People have different problems, different  struggles in life. It may vary in weight but problems are always problems. Struggles exist to make us stronger. Trials build our muscles to be tough enough to face waves of  life's greatest  challenge. It's always a cycle of ups and downs. Don't loose hope . Stand and wait for the sunrise. It will always be there and it will never be gone unless you allow yourself not to look unto it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014