Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review : Da Vinci code by Dan Brown

Facts :

The book is written by the American writer, Dan Brown.
Second Book with Robert Langdon as the main Character
The book was release on 2003 and sold 80 million copies as of 2009
It climb up on New York Times Bestseller list
It's genre falls under mystery, detective-fiction, Conspiracy Fiction and Thriller.
It's publisher was Doubleday and Bantam Books

While reading the book : 

As I finish reading " Angels & Demons" which I made a review : Book Review : Angels and Demons by Dan Brown I was attached to the main character of the book which is the American Symbologist Professor Robert Langdon which again the main character in this book too. I was lucky to not intentionally read the first book and now having this second book, Da Vinci Code in hand. It really doesn't matter which one you read first because it's complete new story and not a continuation. While reading the book I thought It was just the same as Angels and Demons. Off course I can't help to make comparisons of the two. But I can definitely say that hence of the idea that it is both about conspiracies and thriller and mystery this another book is really different from others.

Da Vinci code once again upbeat my heart because of its fast pacing events. Again the concrete view of everything in the book was clearly pictured out. I felt the same as the characters. Though not that intense like Angels and Demons the book caught me in keeping the pages turn. The questions that they are asking are the same that I am too. While reading the book I admit I became so skeptic about everything. There one point that I thought it's a pure attack to catholic church and their beliefs. But hell yeah it's not. It's just a mixed of Facts and fiction once again by it's great author Dan Brown. The forgotten questions of faith and in churches was up again. I don't doubt why Religious group and the catholic church throw mud on this book.

The sequencing of the events and the unpredictable chapters really had a huge impact to the readers. Some says they can predict the next happening but even when you do, you still read until the last page. Me too, I did predict some of the up coming events but that don't stop me from finishing the whole book. It feed you knew information and knowledge. It raise up a lot of questions too. It really takes an open mind to read this kind of book.

After Reading the Book :

Many says that if you have a limited knowledge of history you would actually believed in everything that the books says. It's a complete insanity. Please don't feed your brain with stuffs that you only got one source.

After reading the book I am really skeptic. Looks like I got a hangover it. But later on I gather myself and thoughts fall into places. Me myslef don't 100% believe in the teachings and traditions of the catholic churches. But i ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN THE DIVINITY OF MY GOD :) NO BOOK CAN QUESTION THAT. This can ruin your faith and shake your grounds but it can also strengthen your belief. It's propose chain of events are really amazing and the question of it's inaccuracy is no doubt. Just remember that this is not a book of history for references and basis of facts. It's a book of novel.

Over all Review (Conclusion)

It's an awesome book for open minded persons.
Very interesting and knowledgable.
Great Background Research
Strong desrcriptive style.

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