Friday, February 07, 2014

Arvin " Tado " Jimenez , Died in a bus accident in Mt. Province

This afternoon a shocking news came up on a news flash on GMA 7 reporting a bus accident that occurred in Mountain Province proximately 7:20 am this morning. 15 passengers died while 32 others are injured. The bus under Florida Trans Bus fell into a 100-120 feet cliff. Survivors said that the bus had lost it's brakes.

Later on 24 oras another news report came upon discovering one dead passengers identity, Arvin Jimenez or simply " TADO ".

Base on yahoo news, Tado was basically on the way to his project on Mountain Province entitled : Life Begins at the Mountains. " He is known as a comedian upon hosting some of shows in ABS-CBN and doing some movie projects that showcase his talent in comedy. Tado has a generous heart for his countrymen in engaging himself to public service and helping the less fortunate. He graduated in Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up BS Psychology.

Colleagues, friends and the showbiz industry mourn in his death. A boost of messages and appreciation was shown for Arvin "TADO" Jimenez. As for a group he co-founded ,DAKILA, Tado will always be GREAT for them .

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"Upon hearing this news a sudden bumps came in, why of all people a kind hearted man like him had to die this way... thinking his on his way on helping others .. " by the author

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