Friday, May 10, 2013

Modus Operandi : Salisi Gang

       Hi ! I wanna share you one of my dumbest experience when it comes to " SALISI GANG ". I don't want you guys to experience what I had. Well this story was a few months ago and I remembered it because another same thing happen to my friend last week.

      Me and my boyfriend went to Waltermart at Makati that time and after eating at our favorite food chain we decided to watch movie at the 5th floor of the mall. While riding the escalator, one couple caught my attention. Well it's not because the lesbian thing but because they kept on looking around their surroundings. We we're staying at the back of them all the while and unfortunately we're going on to same destination. We bought a ticket of the movie but we still need to wait for the next showing schedule so we went to Timezone just near the ticket booth of the Cinema.

    We loaded our card and started playing. I just can't stop looking at this couple I'm talking because I really find them weird. Sometimes they're laughing but suddenly they we're silent. I really dunno why my eye was stock on them. Honestly there is nothing wrong with them at first look. The girl wear yellow dress with black bag and sunglasses on her head with necklace and bangles while the lesbian wear blue shirt with wrist watch white shorts . They look decent neither.

          Here is the climax. Me and boyfriend played basketball ( i dunno what they call that game machine ). We had A LOT OF FUN! Yeah, it's capitalize. We really enjoy it. By the way I was holding a pouch bag with me all along this date. So when we we're playing I placed it near me. Just beside me, and my boyfriend is also beside me throwing balls. I notice the couple come near us so I took a glimpse in my pouch and it is still there. After 3 rounds we decided to stop playing and take a rest but I was shocked to know my pouch was gone.

 T_____________T  it's really gone. 
          We asked the people around us if they saw it but no one knows. I describe my pouch but still no one cares to see where it is. Luckily one guy saw a lesbian holding a pink pouch going down the escalator. We called the securities and they alert the guard on the entries as I describe the couple. Unfortunately the mall doesn't have CCTV so I have no proof.  My pouch has my school Id, my mother Postal I.D , my cellphone ( NOKIA E63) PHP 2000 and our Timezone Gold Card TT__TT . huhuhu !!!!

             My instinct are all right. I knew that there is something weird on that two. Lesson learned! thief can change clothes and look richer than you or Villar ( choss) They can disguise whatever they like to look at natural and join a bunch of ordinary people. GUYS BE MORE CAREFUL TO YOUR BELONGINGS. don't just place them anywhere. BE MORE OBSERVANT TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Surveillance your environment every time yo go to somewhere. DON'T TRUST ANYBODY SUSPICIOUS..

     I hope you guys find some lesson on my story. I don't want you to experience this.

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