Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blog Button : Creating your Mark

A blog button is one of your mark on the cyberworld. This serves as your identity for co-bloggers and viewers worldwide. If you manage a blog site you should be able to create your blog button or simply your own logo. This will help you widen your connection through button exchanges.

The photo above was the header I made for my blog. I know it's not good enough like others but I prefer that because I made it myself. I also prefer my header to be my logo at the same time. This is giving emphasis to my identity for the viewers to recognize my blog easily.

Now for my Blog Button, See the picture below. This is my Blog Button or my Blog Logo. It is a 125x125 square logo, I think that is the commonly used width and height for blog buttons.

If you wanna know how to do your logo or blog button just stay put for more updates and How to tutorials.
Blogging101 and Blogging must know.

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