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Miley Cyrus : Love yah!!

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We speak but here they are to cover
We try to shout but their voice was louder
We stand but those are taller
We fight but they hold the power.

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Miss Supranational Mutya Datul’s journey to victory

MANILA, Philippines - Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul is seen during a press conference in Quezon City, northeast of Manila, on 09 September 2013, upon her arrival from Minsk, Belarus. (Voltaire Domingo/NPPA IMAGES)

mutya Johanna Datul, the first Filipina and the first Asian to bag the Miss Supranational crown, has not lost her humility.

The first word she uttered when she met the press who waited for her at the Gloria Maris Banquet Hall in Gateway Mall was “sorry.”

Members of media were told that Mutya’s victory presscon was scheduled at 5:30 p.m. But the Bb. Pilipinas’ PR officer later said it was moved to sometime after 8 p.m. because “Mutya’s flight will be delayed.”

“Sorry naghintay kayo ng matagal,” Mutya said. Hindi ninyo  alam ang pingdaanaan ko. I  missed my flight. Hindi ito first time na na-experience ko. First time ko mag-travel abroad.”

Disarming honesty
Her honesty was disarming. Mutya was not ashamed to admit  she was at a loss when she reached Hong Kong on her way to Moscow (the pageant was held in Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe, near Russia).

“Sobrang challenging ang pagpunta ko ng Moscow. Nag-stop ako sa Hong Kong. Hindi ko alam ang gagawin. Hindi ko alam kung sino ang kakausapin ko, Feeling ko hindi na ako makakapunta ng Belarus.”

So she did what her Bb. Pilipinas mentors taught her. She asked around.

“Mabuti  na lang na hindi mawawala ang mga taong tutulong sa ‘yo. Hindi ako nahiyang magtanong.  Ang advice sa kin is “It’s better to ask an ask kesa mawala ka.”

Result: Mutya didn’t get lost.  But she missed her flight to Moscow.
Unfazed, she focused on bringing home the crown and nothing else. 
Ultimate dream
Mutya didn’t bat an eyelash when she told the panel of interviewers a day before the pageant,  “I want to become Miss Supranational. This is my ultimate dream. I want to become an ambassadress. I want to become a good example and be an inspiration to many. I promise to do my best, to pour my heart into it so I can do all my responsibilities as Miss Supranational.”

Compared to her four fellow finalists, Mutya’s answer was brief and to-the-point.

“Yung apat, para silang newscasters. They explained too much. Inantok ako sa sinabi nila. “And she felt the judges in the closed-door interview empathized with her.  

Mutya made them sit up and notice with her energetic greeting “Mabuhay!”  She endeared herself to them by introducing herself in  well-rehearsed Russian.

During the swimsuit portion, Mutya again made sure the judges won’t forget her. She narrated how she turned her head before making an exit “para malaman ng tao na ako dapat.”

Everybody became her friends, especially fellow Pinays, Miss Norway Marie Molo Peter and Miss Canada Suzette Aquino (they’re half-Filipinos).

Mutya recalls speaking to them in Tagalog and treating them as close  friends, not competitors.

No wonder so many people shouted “Philippines, Philippines,” when Mutya was proclaimed winner.

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Kris Aquino rides the MRT for the first time

Many commuters were stranded last Tuesday after a heavy downpour worsened evening rush hour traffic along major thoroughfares in the metro. Not even the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino was spared from slow-moving vehicles that she decided to take her chances with the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). 

The actress-host was running late going to an event hosted by a brand she’s endorsing when she encountered rush hour traffic along EDSA. Kris, who was traveling to Mandaluyong from Makati, revealed on Instagram that her vehicle didn’t move for 45 minutes. “Parking lot level ang EDSA,” she said.

It’s the first time the sister of the president rode the public train system on a regular day. Around the  year 2000, she got on the MRT to shoot the opening billboard (OBB) of the showbiz talk show, The Buzz.

Before getting on the train, the A-list celebrity was assured of her security. She says, “Sinabi sa kin ‘nung isa sa PSG (Presidential Security Group) na babae, ‘ma’am, ok lang po kasi ‘yung first three (coaches) puro babae lang po dun so pwede kayo dun.’ So yun! And then bumili na ng ticket tapos sumakay na. Go go go!”

Kris Aquino rides the MRT for the first time.

For a more comfortable ride, she took a piece of advice from one of her sisters. “Ang ate ko called me, she said, ‘Krissy, change shoes, okay? I’m sure you have flats so mag-flats ka muna.’” 

When she arrived at the event, Kris traded her flats for a dressier pair of black cage heels.

The star had nothing but good words for commuters she joined on the usually-crowded train. “Ang bait nila. Kasi they made space for me talaga. Yun ang naramdaman ko kasi tinatanong nila ‘gano ka-traffic ba para mapasakay ka?’ Sabi ko, ‘dalawang oras eh. Imagine sa Buendia ako nanggaling. Paseo de Roxas pa-Buendia. Two hours to get to Guadalupe! Ano ba yun! Sabi ko, ay naku, bahala na si Batman. Go na 'to!“ 

The enthusiastic host continues, “Naaliw sila! Tapos sabi ko, ‘picture tayo!’ Tapos lahat sila sabay-sabay naglabasan ng camera. It’s so cute.”

She further gushed, “Ang saya! Nakaka-tao, di ba? At yun ang gusto ko. Parang sabi ko nga, ang traffic, walang pinipili talaga. Na-realize ko ‘yung convenience nung MRT.” 

Asked if she would ride the train again, Kris didn’t skip a beat in saying ‘oo naman!’

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Chito Miranda and Neri Naig's legal options

If not sympathy, Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda and his girlfriend deserve justice.   
This is what lawyer and Integrated Bar of the Philippines' spokesman Trixie Cruz-Angeles thinks about the controversial Miranda-Neri sex video.

Also a legal counsel for the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts, Cruz-Angeles noted that the issue is not really about making a consensual sex video.

“What two people do in the bedroom is none of our business so long as it’s between consenting adults. If they post a video of it, (that’s a different matter),” Cruz-Angeles said.

“But when someone illegally uploads a video not intended for public consumption, those two people on the video become victims and deserve, if not sympathy, justice,” she explained.

The former director of Integrated Bar of the Philippines noted there’s no need for “victimizing the victims” with comments criticizing Miranda and Naig for the incident.

“They do not need to hear our comments that they were incredibly stupid for making the video in the first place. There's no law against saying that, but there isn't one that says they can't take consensual sex videos of themselves either,” Cruz-Angeles explained.

“That the video was stolen, is a crime and the person who did that is the one that ought to be punished, the one who ought to be on the receiving end of the outrage,” she pointed out.

On Saturday, Miranda turned to social media to explain a thief broke into their house and stole their belongings, including the hard drive that had the video.

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda.

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Hard-core Treatment: 7 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Gorgeous Hair

Apple cider vinegar rinse is a great treatment for hair. Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, has a long list of benefits. Some of those benefits for hair are: balancing hair and scalp pH, removing product build-up, and treating dandruff and hair loss, just to name a few. When I first heard of ACV hair rinses, I thought that it sounded pretty weird. But hey, people use all kinds of salad items in their hair from mayo to Greek yogurt. After doing my research, I figured it was worth a try, and I'm so glad I did. It's a great way to treat an itchy, dry scalp, and it leaves my hair soft, smooth, and shiny. Check out the slideshow below for 7 ways to use apple cider vinegar for hair. - By Tamara Floyd 


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MASS Facebook Auto Followers trick !!!

I found this in one forum and I would like to share it to every concern facebook users and socially active netizens.


Facebook Viral Ultimate Script [ Cheap ]

Before I anything say about script, I will say that I’ve worked as an Internet Marketer for about 6 months and I am also working as a webmaster. During these 6 months I was always looking for some easy way which will bring more traffic to my websites, and as you know, more traffic = more money.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I made this script for myself and because of that it is totally user friendly and optimized for an Internet Marketer. I lost more than a month on programming this script, but now it’s really something unique and it’s a must have for any Internet Marketer!

I'm sure that all of you are aware of the huge popularity of Facebook which has over 1 Billion

Million members and it’s second in worldwide traffic rankings, behind the Mighty Google. With reported 85% of its users to be online daily for around 65 minutes, you must agree that’s really huge prospect for an Internet Marketer.

With this amazing script you can offer your downloads/niches to Facebook users and best of all – make a profit from them. In the following pages I will show you how to use the script and how to make money from it. This script works both Externally (on any website, blog etc.) and Internally with Facebook (inside Facebook fan page).

How this script works:

• User connects Facebook profile with your niche
• Allows what script requires (one single click)
• Downloads your file

I’m sure that now 90% of you think that this Facebook Viral script is like any other, but trust me, this script is unique. It sounds like nothing, that this script is low quality and that it doesn’t have anything what you can use to increase your earnings, am I right? Yes, I’m, but you’re making really big mistake when you think that way. So, let’s see what this script will do while user is doing survey and trying to download your file.

In the background (user won’t know) script will:

• Take access_token and email from user and save it in your database for later use
• Make a post a welcome status (on user wall)
• Make a post to all groups which the user has joined (can be limited to any number)
• Make a post to all fan pages which user has liked (can be limited to any number)
• Like your Facebook fan page so you will generate real fans (easy to turn ON/OFF)
• Create a new album in photos and upload your photo (create a back link and it’s easy to turn ON/OFF. This is important because if Facebook deletes your application and all activity, photo won't be deleted!)

You still say this script is nothing, there are much better on the market? Maybe you’re right for now, but let’s see what you will say, when I tell you that those are not all possibilities, that this script can do much more!

Script has integrated Advanced Admin Control Panel, which is fully protected with login form from mysql injection and any other hacking method. This Admin Control Panel will also give you really important possibilities which any Internet Marketer really need, so let’s see that possibilities (how it looks and work you can see in the video below).

Script's possibilities after user allows facebook app (in cpanel):

• Give you detailed site/script statistic
• Make new posts on users wall at any time (can be used to promote new niches)
• Detect users which do not exist anymore and auto remove them 
• Automatically create necessary bases and all files which are necessary 
• Send email to all users (script has its own newsletter)
• Export all emails to file
• Change admin password

I will love to hear what do you think now? Is it good? Does it sounds like a dream to have and make a lot of money very easy? BUT, that’s not all! Yes, script has more possibilities, let’s take a look to just few of them!

Script's other integrated possibilities:

• spinner for text in auto post (unlimited number of text messages)
• spinner for Facebook applications (unlimited)
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• automatic or admin turn off and redirecting to download link (CPA, PPD etc.)
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• script use legit Facebook API so doesn't have problems with TOS

The most important thing in this script is that it’s totally user friendly, so you don’t need more then 5 minutes to setup new niches and enjoy all possibilities of this script. 


- Exporting emails to .csv format
- Possibility that one script contains unlimited number of niches, so people can choose
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- Template creator user friendly (drag and drop)
- App balancer
- Schedule posting
- App request to all friends

Price of the script is 750 credits 

Latest Upgrades in script!

- script will detect if visitor is already liked fan page
- script using randomly your apps
- integrated welcome status (post on own users wall)
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- changed offline_access (script using now long lived tokens)
- fixed problems with status app checker
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- fixed all problems with all IE versions
- fixed some small bugs which will make script to work faster
- automatic installer
- application spinner (updated)
- all setting up of the script is now going over browser (0 coding skills required)
- stealth mode (checks for banned apps and automatically removes them)
- script taggs friends on the picture it uploads (you select the picture and the number of friends to tag)
- site statistics (updated)
- turn on/off autoposting
- limit the number of users post
- limit the number of groups post
- limit the number of fan pages post
- turn on/off posting on friends wall
- turn on/off posting on fan pages wall
- turn on/off posting on groups wall
- script using latest Facebook API
- will detect new access_token and update them
- will detect if user is deleted your application, change Facebook password etc. and delete that user
- code is much more optimized so script work faster
- resolved problem with batch API request

I am reseller of this.

OMG!’s FHM 100 Sexiest highlights and lowlights

Marian Rivera entertained some questions from the press after the FHM 100 Sexiest Women victory party.

Yahoo! Philippines OMG! is sure both sexes had fun the night FHM presented its 100 Sexiest, as the gorgeous women on the list showed their hard-earned bods.
We’re taking note of the highs and lows from the victory party with hopes that next year’s FHM would become a better version of the last.
Marian Rivera showed up. That’s victory in itself because as FHM related, the magazine tried really hard to get her on the cover. Five years later, she agreed to grace FHM’s 150th issue last January. Fans said thank you by bringing in more than 900,000 votes that placed the Kapuso actress on top of this year’s sexiest list.
Viva Hot Babes return! A decade after their discovery, Sheree, Gwen Garci and Andrea Del Rosario (their team lead Maui Taylor was absent though) were back in the spotlight and showed other women that age is just a number.
Hot mamas reigned supreme. Jennylyn Mercado, Aubrey Miles, LJ Reyes, Andi Eigenmann, and Sunshine Cruz proved mothers will always have a place in the sexiest list.
Troubled Daina Menezes appeared on the catwalk. In the midst of marriage woes, Daiana took time to prepare herself for the runway. This, even if her husband ex-Cong. Benjo Benaldo still tries to recover from his botched suicide attempt.

Get 1000 Subscribers in 1 Hour On Facebook

Facebook Autolike Bot is a program which will help you to like all the status updates and images of your friends with just one click and not only like, it has unlike and poke option too. It is very helpful and easy to use tool, but don't use it too much, Facebook might ban your account.

To get premium bot for free please follow the instruction below

Noted: Dear user, You must follow the instruction to get subscriber and friend request

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How the heck I know ??

I've been asking the same question too lol.


Did I got you here ??

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Two more bodies found after deadly Canada rail crash

Police sifting through the site of a horrific cargo train crash in Quebec said on Sunday they have discovered two more bodies, and anticipate "many more" fatalities.
Saturday's crash of an oil-laden train and subsequent explosions that shook the village of Lac-Megantic so far have claimed three lives, said police spokesman Michel Brunet, who added at a press conference that "we know that there will be many more" deaths.

I don't want to PAUSE

"I don't want to stop what ever I am doing because when I do my whole world will collapse right in front of me."

I experience this kind of feeling that when I stop on whatever I am doing all the problems and such are fastly getting into my system and I can't control my emotion as well as my mood when these things captured my whole mind. It really sucks to feel this kind of thing. I badly want it to be avoided but problems, stress and other things are bothering me. I am suffering now because of piled up family, financial and personality problems. All I can do was to entertain myself. I keep myself busy in school and keep my mind occupied even by nonsense stuffs. I don't want to stop talking and doing something though it means that people may say bad about me because I don't lose story and energy. As much as I want to stop I won't and I couldn't.
Because when I do, I am really frustrated, getting confused and found myself lost already.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tumblr is my new thing!

Yah, so had a new hobby right now. Aside from my studies and family issue of course I'm into to tumblr.
I'm not saying goodbye to blogspot or bloging because tumblr is more on micro blogging site too. But this is just for fun, you know to entertain myself from the coaster of life.

Mind visiting mg blogs?? It's cool being a teenager you know!
that's what I realized here!

Friday, June 28, 2013

James Yap uploads a 'closer' photo with Italian gf

Wherever in Europe he is right now, James Yap is surely enjoying whatever’s left of his five-week break from the hard court.

A week after posting his first public photo with his mysterious Italian girlfriend via Instagram, the cager teases his fans with yet another sweet photo.

In his latest Instagram post, the San Mig Coffee superstar can be seen posing behind a statuesque beauty in an undisclosed restaurant. (A much closer and clearer photo next time please James?)

Earlier reports say James' "simple and modest" lady love is working in the banking industry. 

James also seems to be unfazed by his ex-wife Kris Aquino’s apparent disgust when he failed to visit his 6-year-old son on Father’s Day last June 16.

Last month, a Makati regional trial court favored James Yap’s right to see Bimby after denying the permanent protection order sought by Kris Aquino.

According to a source, James is expected to come back to the Philippines before his training with San Mig Coffee Mixers resumes on July 8. Is he coming back to the country with his Italian girlfriend? Let's wait and see.

James Yap poses with his Italian girlfriend. (Photo from James Yap's Instagram account)

I hope you find someone worth it than any other  out there.

Isabelle, Georgina kiss for gay rights

Isabelle Daza kissed fellow IT girl Georgina Wilson and thousands of netizens liked it.
The photo of the lips-to-lips kiss, which Isabelle posted on Instagram, made the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) community proud.
Isabelle captioned it with “take on equality for gay rights.”
Apparently, the cousins’ gesture is in reference to the US Supreme Court’s ruling  last Wednesday, June 26, which nullified  the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8—two laws that went against same-sex marriage.
But don’t get the gorgeous models wrong. Both  are in a heterosexual relationship. Twenty-five-year-old Isabelle is with football player Adrien Semblat, while her 27-year-old cousin is Borgy Manotoc’s girlfriend.
As of this posting, the photo has almost 9,000 likes and close to 500 comments—with mixed reactions ranging from "incestuous" to a good try to “stay relevant.”
Inspired by Time cover?
Looks like  ace photographer Mark Nicdao’s work mirrors that ofTime Magazine’s April 8 cover where  photographer Peter Hapak took shots of two couples (Russell Hart and Eric LaBonte and Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson and Kristen Ellis-Henderson) kissing.
The women were married in New York City and are raising two children. The California-based men, meanwhile, are engaged and waiting for same-sex marriage to be legal.

Isabelle Daza kisses Georgina Wilson to call for equality and gay rights.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kim Chiu’s mother passes away

The mother of Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu passed away on Sunday, June 23.

According to ABS-CBN News, Kim’s mother Louella Y. Chiu, 50, was confined at a hospital in Cebu due to an undisclosed illness.

Kim’s talent management, Star Magic confirmed the news and released its official statement.

“Star Magic sympathizes with Kim Chiu on the passing of her mother, Louella Y. Chiu. We request that we give Kim and her family the respect and time to grieve for their loss. Thank you,” Star Magic’s press statement reads.

Kim Chiu answers questions from entertainment reporters during her post birthday press conference held at ABS CBN compound in Quezon City, Philippines. (Jerome Ascano/NPPA Images)

In past interviews, Kim rarely talked about her mother. Kim's parents were separated when the actress was still very young. In April, the Kapamilya star reunited with her father, who is now based in Mindoro.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Hair

I am now second year college and as I enter this news emester of my college life, I would not forget my "Crowning Glory" of course. This boost my confidence in walking the hallway. Well, not just to ramp but to study comfortably and not being conscious because you know college life nowadays, looks are important somehow.

So from this damage hair.

It's because of bleaching and putting different colors >___________<

To this awesome hairdo :)

  Hair :  milk rebond with Cellophane . 
Color : Rosa Red
Where : Miharbhi Salon
Cost : 1,200 Php

Really loved my repaired hair ^___^ I'm all ready for school and feeling pretty with my new hair color :)