Friday, February 10, 2012

Mental Block

         A very normal phenomenon which is encountered by almost all of the people. Yes , mental block is just normal, but that is for the people who don't really understand it. Well , Mental block is the inability to recall something , to think of something or to perform a mental action. Any individual may encounter this for it does not choose time , place and situation when to occur. It may be during your class hours, office meeting , special occasion , grand ball , parties and worst in your examination day .

          Why does MENTAL BLOCK happen ??

  • Sticking in one thought - avoid sticking in one idea, don't set your mind close specially when gathering data. You should always be open-minded.
  • Not Paying attention - during your class or office hours you will notice yourself listening but words just enter in the right then exit to the left .You should be mentally and physically active in discussion. Your ears and eye's specially your mind should be focus on the speaker. 
  • Not being prepared - in connection in "Not paying attention" this i also a a challenge in our mental and physical alertness. You should always be attentive and easy to reach. Don't let your minds swim or fly out of the world. 
  • Not setting your time - in our multitasking generation we should watch our schedule. Time management is highly needed. We should avoid running out of time and rush hours. That's a big NO ' NO ! You really have a lot of chances in forgetting lots of things.
  • Stress - when you are very active in lots of activity  and a hardworking person , you might be a stressed one too. When your mind and body are being forced and always in use , it might function slowly. Be sure to take some vitamins.
  • Overwhelmed/ depressed - when a person carries mix emotion or sometimes over flowing emotion we are prone on forgetting so much and being trapped in one corner of idea.
  • Mixed idea - thinking so much will cause a total block-out . That's it . 

      Everyone might experience this , specially when solving math and science problems , but we have different    unique ways to overcome and remember things again .

              Facing MENTAL BLOCK !

  • Shake your head .
  • Do the inhale-exhale process
  • Be calm ( don't be so obvious that you forgot something )
  • Stay on track - continue with the discussion
  • Don't force yourself to remember
  • Change / jump to another topic 
  • Don't try to write if your mind is empty
  • Play with your ideas

        Mental block is usual but when it became severe, or it occur regularly , it will be obviously unusual. You should be aware of whats already happening to you . Have the initiative to go to your trusted physician. 


chrisair said...

I always encountered it due to a lot of stress

Lourdes Espanol said...

This happens to me sometimes. It's very irritating especially when I'm trying to finish up on an article.

Gaylee said...

Very true! I usually have this attack whenever I'm faced with our foreign counterparts.....really humiliating! Maybe because I'm not that confident.....nosebleed in english kasi, waaaaaah!

ROM @ In2ndLife said...

it happens to everyone... it always happen to me when I'm blogging...

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Happens to me all the time! And me thinks it's caused by stress :(

Julie. -- said...

this happens to almost everybody and it's crucial for students who's in the midst of their exams or thesis defense. hehe.

passive income said...

One of the ways is to actually stop what you are doing, relax your mind before you come back to the task

Edmaration etc said...

It happens to me especially if I am pressured

chardyboy said...

its normal when it is impromptu.during college days

violy vallester said...

I experienced this a lot of times but the worst was during university days. Our school was preparing us for the CPA board exam so starting 3rd yr we already have departmental exams and if your grade is below par they will kick you out from the course and you cant graduate with accounting degree even if you are already on your 4th yr. I was so stressed out that for like 30 minutes I can't remember anything... ;( then I calmed myself and good thing I was able to recover in time and passed the exam with flying colors! ;)

Clint said...

Been experiencing mental block this past few days. Nagpapakurot ako minsan para mawala.

Leah. said...

It's normal.. and it happens to everyone. Whenever I get that, lumalabas ako ng bahay at maglakad-lakad. Minsan, tatambay lang sa labas, at iinum ng kape sa patio. Chill chill lang.. Madalas, sa stress lang din yan eh. :)

Paliiits said...

nung medyo bata pa ko, akala ko talaga mental blank ang tama. kasi nabablangko e. hahaa. thanks for the tips n_n

stacy said...

Great suggestions

Dexter | said...

Shake Your head.. :) Ayos.. Tamang Tama ito sa mga mag boboard exam..

Sumi Go said...

I usually encounter mental blocks when speaking in front of the camera. Never had one during exams or speaking in public. Ang camera lang talaga ang may weird effect saken, especially if na-oon-the-spot ako.. >.<

Earlied said...

when you are fed up and you just wanted to take a nap for a while and you wished people don't bug you whatsoever..but here they come ask you some thought-provoking questions then you just fell of from thinking and you would finally looked daft.

The Wandering Lion said...

I'll have to remember your tips, lagi yan nangyayari sa akin especially pag kailangan kong magsulat ng bagong blog post. :)

Kathy Ngo said...

I go to some new place to get rid of my mental block or I just don't write for some time ... then I'd get all excited because I missed writing.

Gemma|My Dailies said...

happens... esp when writing posts! Sometimes, I'd just stop, relax and do some other things! lol!

Blair Villanueva said...

yeah its natural , ako ganun din minsan

KC Canlas | Spread Some Awesome said...

Thanks for the tips. I badly need this because I always have mental block not only when writing but also when talking with people I met for the first time. Or maybe that's just shyness. :))

lakwatsero said...

Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

Cha said...

I always experience mental block especially after my ruptured brain aneurysm coiling operation. My neurosurgeon said it was just normal to experience this since I had a major surgery.

Anonymous said...

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Angel said...

This is very true, especially for those students who have to study a lot for very important examinations and oral recitations. Masakit talaga sa bangs yong mga ganoon na bagay. Tsk tsk!