Friday, September 09, 2011


is it normal to feel this love ?? Because as of now I could gradually say that I am DEEPLY IN LOVE  with my boy :))  I can't do anything but to burst it out . All the things I am seeing was too coherent with him . How tremendous feeling I always felt when I'm with him >.< Ridiculous me ! But I can't hide it . I am truly in loved :))
 I feel complete . how spontaneous I am when I'm with him . Getting crazier each of the moment that past . I had admired all of his capabilities as well as his abilities . His smile and mysterious personality . How I loved his arrive !!!

  I am happy, contented , and I feel safe while I'm with him. His splendid personality fits my crazy like's and hates .

Friday, September 02, 2011


     What is a decision ?? Based on the dictionary it was an act of deciding or a judgement . But for you guys , what do think this word means ? If you will ask me , my answer will be this:

      For me DECISION is simply choosing !! Choosing where you will go . What path will you take and whom will be your companions . Making decision is not that easy. Me, as I made decisions, I always prepare myself for its consequences . Its because I know that in every action / decision there was an opposite reaction or consequences. Just like what Isaac Newton's Theory of opposite and equal reaction. As early as a kiddo we should be preparing in how to decide for our selves. It is not all the time that our parents will be there to choose what would be the best for us. We should be independent in our simple ways. Yes! deciding is hard when it comes to delicate matters, such as love life, family problems or other deeper one involving difficult things .. I have decided too many times in my life, and as I have done. I admit that there are decisions were I failed. There are some decisions where I lost, and some is where I learned. I failed . Yes. I remember when I
decided not taking my MATH subject seriously. My drowsiness attacks whenever our subject teacher in math enters the room. How irresponsible I am :)) I choose to be it and at the end of grading, I harvested low grade.... Its my karma. A consequence of my decision . No hard feelings to my teacher, I calmly accepted what I planted. And I learn from it. I promised to work for my subject for the sake of my grades.... I ave a goal. And at the end of the school year. I reached that goal. I earned my grades. A high grade :))

       I wrote about this topic because of a friend . A dear friend of mine who had failed in deciding about love. She had a long distance relationship, but she get tired of it. Another boy entered his life. She needs to choose whom will stay and whom will go.. First guy loved her too much but distance is there. Second guy had feelings for her and always besides her. She decided to choose the second guy. They last for 3 MONTHS.. But then after this time scale, the guy had another girl. Another girl who he thinks surpass my friend. The guy broke up with her. My friend end up crying :(( . Yes I was there. I knew it will happen. But the decision is not on my hands. I let my friend choose. I supported her. But then again, some decisions are made to fail and to learn from them . I just stood beside her and said " YOU WERE ONCE HAPPY IN THIS DECISION, FOR CHOOSING THAT GUY. YOU ONCE ENJOYED HIS COMPANY. NOW THAT YOU FAiLED... ACCEPT WITH NO REGRET ".

      We are not perfect beings. We have faults. Right and wrongs. In our every decision, we must take consequences. Life is a game of deciding, of choosing. Even if we took practices and try to master the ability in how to perfect a decision making, our destiny are not on our hands. Still GOD plans our path . But we can change it by doing good decisions .

------------ am I right ????

Thursday, September 01, 2011

lost my article

 Do you know whats the worst thing i have done this day ?????
  -----  Its when I deleted my First Ever, seriously made and with full effort typed article ......
My continuation  of my blog " CHILDHOOD DAYS " , have deleted it.
grrrrrrrr...... My mind will boost. I give 1 hour writing that article then in just one click I lost it all :/
Its what i hate in typing.... I always do forgot saving an important article before I do necessary thing ..
hmmmm... how will i brought back that one.. huhu .. I am very dis appointed. I have no courage to write for today. I will just sleep and tomorrow I will write another one.( I hope I could )

----HATE IT VERY MUCH .. grrrrrr