Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainy Days

Rainy days come 
washes every heart in calm

cleanses a forbidden soul
a surprise no one will spoil.

New virus called ‘threat to the entire world’

This Issue was very alarming. We need to be aware of what this virus brings. 
The first death in France from a new SARS-like coronavirus brings the worldwide total for the disease to 27 deaths and 49 infections, CNN reports.
The 65-year-old Frenchman was diagnosed after returning from a stay in Dubai.
According to CNN, the World Health Organization has said the disease was first seen in Saudi Arabia last year. The virus is "a threat to the entire world," Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO's general director, told the network.
The Centers for Disease Control explains that coronaviruses can affect people or animals and, in worst-case scenarios, cause SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). And it notes there's currently no vaccine to protect against human coronavirus infection.
The disease acts like a cold and causes upper respiratory system problems. Symptoms include fever and cough and can lead to kidney failure and pneumonia.
The WHO has not learned how the new virus spreads, making it difficult to prevent infections. The organization has named it, though: Middle East respiratory symptom coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, according to CNN.
Now the Philippine government was again in full alert in all airports to prevent the virus from getting into the country.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vice Ganda publicly apologizes to Jessica Soho

“Sana po tapusin na natin ang isyung ito. Kung hindi niyo ako nauunawaan ako ang uunawa sa inyo,” Vice said.

Apology to Soho

“May mga naoffend, may mga binato sa aking issue na meron akong nalampasang linya, may mga sinabi akong hindi maganda, may mga tao akong nasaktan, natapakan,” Vice said on “Showtime.”

Vice Ganda's joke involved GMA news anchor and vice president for news and public affairs Jessica Soho. Vice also mentioned rape.

If he had it his way, Vice would have preferred to keep his apology to GMA news anchor Jessica Soho.

“Buong puso ko pong gustong humingi ng tawad. as much as possible ayokong gawin papubliko kasi ang plastik....kaya tinawagan ko po kanina si Ms. Jessica Soho,” Vice said on Showtime.

The comedian said Jessica answered the phone but told Vice: “Pasensya ka na pero masama ang timpla ko ngayong araw.”

When Vice asked if he can call again another time, Jessica reportedly said: “I don’t think so.”

It was then that Vice decided to air a public apology on “Showtime” not only to Jessica but to all those he may have offended with his jokes, particularly rape victims.

“Sinasadya mo man o hindi mo sinasadya, sabi ng magulang ko humingi ka ng tawad at paumanhin,” Vice said.

“It is a comedy concert, a comedy show, an enlarged comedy bar show,” said Vice, who first gained popularity as a stand-up comedian.

Other personalities he mentioned in his jokes, he added, included his network colleagues Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Kim Atienza, as well as senator-elect Grace Poe and Nancy Binay.

He also stressed that he had no intent to make fun of rape victims. Vice, talking about Jessica in his concert, said that if the new anchor were to figure in a rape scene, it would have to be gang rape.

“Hindi ko po kailanman gustuhin na kutyain ang mga rape victims. Hindi ko po ginawang pagtawanan ang rape victims,” Vice said.

Jessica in a statement acknowledged the comedian's apology, even as she noted that she hopes it was "done with the purest intentions and determination to put this issue behind us."

Vice's phone call "came without warning," Jessica added, noting that the comedian's number was not saved in her phone.

"I told him I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't sure I was ready to talk to him. But I clearly remember thanking him for his call," Jessica said.

The broadcast journalist also reiterated that the issue is not about her "but about the issue of rape not being an appropriate subject matter for comedy."

"Rape transcends age, economic class, gender--and even one's weight," she added


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Facts about Dreams

I wanna go to sleep so I compiled a couple of facts about Dreaming!
I had weird dreams this past nights that's why this interest me ! :)
Hope you'll Like it!


 1.Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their lifetime dreaming

2.Our brains tend to be way more active when we sleep, than when we’re awake

3.Men tend to dream about men more than women, and women dream about people of both genders

4.It’s impossible to dream when you’re snoring

5.Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their lifetime dreaming

6.The “strangers” that you meet in your dreams actually have the faces of people who you’ve once seen in your real life but forgotten

7.90% of the dream is lost the first minute we wake up

8.If you avoid your sleep for more than 10 days, you will die

9.Just like men, women can have orgasms during dreams

10.You can control your dreams.

11.You Are Paralyzed During Your Dreams

12.Blind People Dream

13.Animals Probably Dream

Good night !

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Darkest Hour

Have you experience being trapped in a situation?
Have you experience being cornered without options?
Have you been accused of any but your as dumb to answer?
Have you experienced YOUR DARKEST HOUR????

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comelec proclaims top six senators, Binay no-show

Three reelectionists and three scions of political bigwigs have been proclaimed winners in the senatorial race only three days after the May 13 midterm elections.

The partial list of senators-elect was dominated by the administration's Team PNoy, leaving only one spot for the opposition's United Nationalist Alliance.

Former censors chief Grace Poe-Llamanzares led the pack of Team PNoy candidates who bagged five of the first six spots in the Senate's so-called "Magic 12.

Poe was accompanied by her mother, actress Susan Roces and son Bryan while Legarda came with her family. Cayetano was with his wife, Taguig Mayor Lani, while Escudero arrived with his ladylove Heart Evangelista. Angara was with his family as well. Binay was meanwhile absent from the proclamation. 

Poe, the daughter of late movie star and ex-presidential aspirant Fernando Poe Jr., has exceeded expectations by leading the Senate race as early as canvassing began.

Also proclaimed winners were reelectionists Loren Legarda, Alan Peter Cayetano and Francis "Chiz" Escudero, who have consistently topped pre-election surveys.

Legarda, a veteran senator who first won in 1998, will be serving her third term. She ran and lost in the vice presidential race twice--in 2004 and in 2010.

Escudero, for his part, was first elected into the Senate in 2007, after serving out three full terms as the representative of Sorsogon's first congressional district.

It was also in 2007 that Cayetano first won a Senate seat. He previously served as representative of Taguig City, of which he was vice mayor in 1998 to 2001.

The only UNA bet in the partial list of winning senatorial candidates was Maria Lourdes Nancy Binay, the eldest daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Binay, who had served as assistant to his father, was the opposition slate's surprise Senate bet, announced only on the last day of filing of candidacy.

Rounding out the list of the first Senate winners is Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo "Sonny" Angara of Team PNOy, the namesake son of former Senate President Edgardo Angara.

The younger Angara enters the Senate with three terms' worth of legislative experience under his belt.

The Commission on Elections, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers, proclaimed the first six winning Senate bets after counting only some 13.38 million votes.

Canvassing is set to resume right after the partial proclamation, with poll chief Sixto Brillantes Jr. saying he expects 12 senators-elect Saturday at the latest.

After the first proclaimed senators-elect, the following have bagged the highest votes in the Senate race so far: 
7. Aquino, Paolo Benigno "Bam"
8. Pimentel, Aquilino Martin "Koko"
9. Trillanes, Antonio IV "Sonny"
10. Ejercito Estrada, Joseph Victo "JV"
11. Villar, Cynthia
12. Honasan, Gregorio "Gringo"
13. Gordon, Richard "Dick"
14. Zubiri, Juan Miguel "Migz"
15. Enrile, Juan Ponce Jr. "Jack"

original post :

Clenches onto any surface with a tight unremovable grip

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Nancy feels about 'debating' Miriam Santiago

Nancy Binay

Nancy Binay is excited to work in the Senate.

The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial frontrunner says she also doesn’t mind working with the allies of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

“Wala namang problema sakin kung makakatrabaho ko sila. Hindi ko naman sila nakaaway before,” Binay told reporters.

But Binay, who worked as personal assistant to the vice president, her father, has apprehensions working with Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

She admits that out of all the senators who will remain as Senate members in the next 16th Congress, the feisty senator is among those who intimidates her.

“I find Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile intimidating. Next is Senator Miriam especially in terms of seniority,” Binay said.

“I really look up to them,” she added.

Just thinking about working with the likes of Enrile, Santiago, and the type of debates happening in the Senate, Binay admits she's nervous and pressured.

Santiago, an International Criminal Court (ICC) judge in waiting, gained notoriety for her legal expertise, intellect and ability to debate.

Binay, on the other hand, was criticized for prioritizing her attendance in motorcades and rallies over public forum and debates for the entire duration of the campaign period.

“Yung batikos  sa akin, sa tingin ko, this is just the beginning. Today is just the beginning of worst things to come,” Binay said.
“Kahit naman ano na explanation ko, hahanapan at hahanapan nila ako ng butas eh. But I guess sa umpisa lang 'yang mga ganyang pressure,” she added.    

original post :.c

I don't doubt her fear with Sen.Miriam Santiago.  Who would not have guts to debate with this very opinionated, wise and highly respected lady. I am one of those people whose against the candidacy of Nancy Binay. I'm not saying that she must be disqualified, what I'm just saying is just she was not qualified! Get tha point? based on her qualification, she has no experience in public service. " Senador agad?? di ba pwedeng tanod mun? " i laugh at that but it's true.

I just wonder how she ranked 5 on the official tali of votes for senators. I really can't believe that. You guy decide if she's deserving for the position. Let's all together watch the winning candidates as they rise to take over the senate. Surveillance our gobernment by our own eyes. Be the one to decide.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Elections 2013: The funniest memes we've seen so far

        I always voice out my opinion in terms of social and political issues as long as I am concern. As for now I'm still not a registered voter since I'm seventeen. Today I accompany my mother upon searching her precinct number and even in shading her chosen candidates. I observed that there was a big change this election than the previews once. First, the searching for precinct number was easier. Second, people are not that crowded. Third, the line in each precinct was not too long because the process was quite fast. and last, Thanks ghad the machines don't messed up. 

      Let's rest from this stressful election day that disappoint allot of Filipino. We should know the fact that powerful hands still control everything here. We stand, they we're taller. We shout but their voice are louder!
Whoaa seems like a poem was running in my mind!  Well people let's just take a deep breath and look at this election meme's. We Filipinos are very creative, really! haha we're fast when it comes to kalokohans. Free your mind kababayan! We can still live for our mother country, just do it your own way and not depend on our .....GOVERNMENT!

PICOS MACHINE tatak CD-R King !!

    So Sen.Miriam is the  main actress here!

Autobiography : Papa Jack ( John Gemperle )

   Good day, but actually its Good Morning because I'm writing this article while listening to my main subject, Papa Jack ! I always adore him , I'm a fan. 

   Are you fund of listening to FM stations on radio? If yes, I bet you know this famous DJ, Papa Jack. He is a disc jockey from 90.7 Love Radio hosting a night program titled TRUE LOVE CONFESSIONS and WILD CONFESSIONS aired at 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM.  I believed that Papa Jack is the right Heart Doctor that everyone should listen too.

   True Love Confession, is a show for those who needed advice, a friend, an enemy, a solution or sometimes just someone to listen and someone to tell your heart problems. This show offers maybe not the right but for me the best solution on that certain situation. The concept was somewhat a storyteller, a caller, would confess his love problems, and this DJ, Papa Jack would listen carefully and afterwards gives his best advice, comments and suggestions for the benefit of the caller.

Who is Papa Jack ?

           Papa Jack or John Gemperle in true life was born and raised in Alcala, Pangasinan. He came from a poor family that pushed him to work at the age of 10. He became a farmer, a hog raiser,and a vendor . Good thing is hence of their status in life, his mother still sent them to school. In high school Papa Jack started producing money as working student. He started joining modeling contest in their province and luckily he won some.  After High school, Papa jack took an entrance exam in PUP ( Polytechnic University of the Philippines ) and fortunately he passed the exam. That's when he went to Manila to try his luck taking up Mass Communication.

How he became a DJ ?

           Papa Jack became a call center agent who idolize Nicole Hiyala, a famous DJ of Love radio 90.7 with Christuper and now his supervisor. During his call center time, he was always listening to their program and one time he visited the station. Inside the station was an ongoing audition for aspiring DJ's so then he tried his luck. Out of 200 applicants, 3 of them we're hired. That's the start of his career on radio industry till now. Papa Jack also hosted a TV program on GMA-7, the STARBOX, where he worked with Ms.Ali Sotto. The usual thing in radio, he would be advising guest concerning heart problems. 

 Just recently Papa Jack's compilation of his quotations has been publish due to insisted public demand :P
This book is available in all leading bookstores in Php 143.00

The book contains his lesson, advice and his "bara" short for pambabara. 

                     Papa Jack is famous of his unique style of talking to callers. He's not afraid of bragging them, shouting at them and sometimes he really made them cry. Sometimes listener could raise eyebrows on him because of being so HB ( high blood ) and high pitch for some callers. He still don't forget to make listeners laugh through his jokes, sometimes very naughty but still wholesome. He gives advice really helpful and you'll just feel having a straight-forward friend in him. What's best on him was his balance eye for the two party. Not because your the caller he'll go your side. He's willing to knock you off and interrupt when your loosing your sense. 


            I remember listening to Papa Jack one night, and I quote " Nainterview ako sa isang newspaper. Tapos may tanong sila dun na sobrang nakakatawa yung sagot ko. Eto yung tanong " What is the funniest/craziest thing you asked your caller? " tapos ang sagot ko " Asking her to marry me! " haha ang korny ko" 

          Yah, just recently Papa Jack married  his non-showbiz girlfriend , Toni Rose Maniago


Me & Papa Jack outside MBC


P.S The information above was based on my own research!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sa Pagkurap ng Ilaw

Siyam na buwan ka niyang dinala
sa sinapupunan ay inakay ka.
Magbuhat sa ikay iluwal niya
hanggang sa magkaisip na
Ang butihing ina ang siyang sayo nagaruga.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Modus Operandi : Salisi Gang

       Hi ! I wanna share you one of my dumbest experience when it comes to " SALISI GANG ". I don't want you guys to experience what I had. Well this story was a few months ago and I remembered it because another same thing happen to my friend last week.

      Me and my boyfriend went to Waltermart at Makati that time and after eating at our favorite food chain we decided to watch movie at the 5th floor of the mall. While riding the escalator, one couple caught my attention. Well it's not because the lesbian thing but because they kept on looking around their surroundings. We we're staying at the back of them all the while and unfortunately we're going on to same destination. We bought a ticket of the movie but we still need to wait for the next showing schedule so we went to Timezone just near the ticket booth of the Cinema.

    We loaded our card and started playing. I just can't stop looking at this couple I'm talking because I really find them weird. Sometimes they're laughing but suddenly they we're silent. I really dunno why my eye was stock on them. Honestly there is nothing wrong with them at first look. The girl wear yellow dress with black bag and sunglasses on her head with necklace and bangles while the lesbian wear blue shirt with wrist watch white shorts . They look decent neither.

          Here is the climax. Me and boyfriend played basketball ( i dunno what they call that game machine ). We had A LOT OF FUN! Yeah, it's capitalize. We really enjoy it. By the way I was holding a pouch bag with me all along this date. So when we we're playing I placed it near me. Just beside me, and my boyfriend is also beside me throwing balls. I notice the couple come near us so I took a glimpse in my pouch and it is still there. After 3 rounds we decided to stop playing and take a rest but I was shocked to know my pouch was gone.

 T_____________T  it's really gone. 
          We asked the people around us if they saw it but no one knows. I describe my pouch but still no one cares to see where it is. Luckily one guy saw a lesbian holding a pink pouch going down the escalator. We called the securities and they alert the guard on the entries as I describe the couple. Unfortunately the mall doesn't have CCTV so I have no proof.  My pouch has my school Id, my mother Postal I.D , my cellphone ( NOKIA E63) PHP 2000 and our Timezone Gold Card TT__TT . huhuhu !!!!

             My instinct are all right. I knew that there is something weird on that two. Lesson learned! thief can change clothes and look richer than you or Villar ( choss) They can disguise whatever they like to look at natural and join a bunch of ordinary people. GUYS BE MORE CAREFUL TO YOUR BELONGINGS. don't just place them anywhere. BE MORE OBSERVANT TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Surveillance your environment every time yo go to somewhere. DON'T TRUST ANYBODY SUSPICIOUS..

     I hope you guys find some lesson on my story. I don't want you to experience this.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap Review

   Hi there ! This is my first product review and I really wanna offer you the best product I can recommend. Let me introduce you to this lightening soap I tried over a year now, Kojie-san Lightening soap.

              I started using whitening soaps when I was 15 years old, why? simply because I'm not contented with my skin tone. I found it darker everyday because I belong to the morning session and I needed to go home when the sun is at it's most. I'm too young to use very harsh soaps that promise the consumer fast and vivid results. So I became much careful in trying whitening soaps that would not destroy my skin.

             I tried 2 soaps before finding Kojie-san Lightening soap because my previews choice don't work on my skin. While shopping I find it's packaging very simple without any exaggerated tag line and off course the price is very cheap that I immediately buy it. Kojie-san Lightening soap commonly comes in two for only Php 50.00 pesos. ( See, it fits my budget low lol! ) The bigger soaps comes also in two wherein you can have 50% discount on the 2nd soap.

              Kojie-san Lightening soap is made of Kojie acid known in Japan, it's a by product of Kojie or malted rice use for Japanese rice wine. It also contains orange, VCO, Glycerin, Vegetable extracts, and Vitamin C. 

              I'm Using this soap for my face and body. What I like in this was it's gentle touch on my skin because it melts fast. Leaving it a few seconds on my skin also gives me this stinging sensation. This stinging sensation says that the product is effective and as far as I know this is where micropeeling occur. To see best result you must used this regularly but don't forget to apply moisturizer or lotion on your skin after bath because like any other whitening soaps it dries your skin too.I also recommend you to scrub your body to aid removal of dead skin. 

Why use Kojie-san Lightening soap ?

  • cheap
  • Nice fragrance
  • eliminate pimple
  • removes blackheads and sebum on face
  • Actually brightens your skin 
  • Its available almost in all local stores

           I am continuously using this soap and as my friend say my skin get lighter each meet up. My mother also used this soap and she loves it too. It really satisfy me ^______^

So if your looking for an effective whitening soap, why not try this one ?? or mind to share me your secret too?


UPDATE : So it's a bad news guys. After years of using these soap. Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap, I barely noticed that pimples are starting appearing on my face after continuous usage of the product. Have you read one of the comments below with this kind of feed back. I response that my face doesn't react like that but now, as I notice it, I'm not using other soaps now unlike before that I use 2 soaps, for body and for face and this is one of that for the body soap and use it to to my face but together with another soap now it's pure Kojie San Skin Lightening soap only and then pimples are appearing. 

So I suggest that make a skin test first. Then try it once to your face. If it does no reaction after 2 days of continuous use it's fit for you but I really not preferring you to use this on your face. Just on your body. 


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Papa's Birthday : Dinner at Mang Inasal

   Today is May 08, 2013 and it's my papa's birthday ^ U ^ Hooray! Happy Birthday to the best papa in the whole world !

no need to dress up, haha excuse our outfits.

Papa went to work this morning though it's his birthday he chose to go to work. We're suppose to go swimming this day but my sister can't make it so we just had dinner this evening.
Our house is very convenient simply because everything we need is just a few steps away. We have the nearest grocery, 7/11, mall, market,church, and fast food chains that can be reached with a span of minutes.

I don't take a picture of thier leche flan because it's gone immediately.

  We ordered PM1 for 4 , that is for me, my mama,papa and my sister, and 2 SM1 my 2 niece. PM1 is included in their rice-all-you can meal so can you guess how many rice I consumed? haha can't believed I got 4 rounds. Burp, I'm so full but I still have my Halo-halo and leche flan for dessert. Urgh I wanted more of the leche flan but it's too small for me so T_T next time I'll buy two for myself :)

         HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA :!! Thanks for the treat!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Worth the vote

Flowering words they say
fountains of fallacy
brighter future they lay
two faced advocacy

flash floods and storms array
conquerors of vote prevail
feet of poor in mud will stay.
starve in hunger day by day.

a smile with a gun on hand
fliers with money on bond
the heir in line of crown
a dynasty forever on throne

a democratic country?
under dictatorship of money.
prove me wrong then vote wisely.
place a man with certainty.

a time for you to show your worth
your the boss and head of court
stand on grounds with dignity .
be a man with love for his country.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Galaxy stuffs

A few weeks ago when I was having fun watching videos on youtube I passed by so many DIY projects ( DO IT YOURSELF) which caught my attention. Off course I wanted to try doing one for myself too, so Tada!! after buying stuffs I needed doing my DIY shoes I immediately made one pair.

excuse the messy background >_<

I wanted to put white shoe lace but Pink is all I have here. I preferred White for Galaxy Shoes.

    Obviously I'm inlove with this Galaxy pattern. You can search lots of video tutorials of this in Youtube. 
Why I love Galaxy Pattern? simply because it's super cute. See, just look at it. I really love the idea of Galaxy in my shoe. Aside from it is customize, I also enjoyed doing it. You can choose the colors you wanted to blend for your Galaxy and I'm sure whatever color it is as long as you blend it properly it will come up an awesome pair of Galaxy Shoes. You'll just need white acrylic paint or simply silver glitters for the stars and tada !! Super cool pair of shoes, I"m ready for school again ^u^ !

    The one above was made using s converse shoe. That one was suppose to be a high-cut type but it's really worn out and the top part was torn already so I decided to cut it down to made this low-cut converse.

another Galaxy Shoe I made with LOVE & HATE on top.

    This one, is also an old shoe from my shoe rack and hell yeah it's worn out, thanks tothose little buddies on that shoe rack. Grrr, I hate them but I love my shoes ^u^ ! So cute . I also painted " LOVE & HATE " on it to put my personal touch on it.

   By the way I also tried doing this Galaxy pattern on my shorts but I haven't taken a picture of it. I'll just post another entry for that soon. Babye !


Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lesson for New Bloggers.

I am on the stage of coping up into blogging. At first I put this up earn money but that was a big MISTAKE ! ( capitalized for emphasis ) That's not a good reason to go on blogging. You'll just fail and loose your passion if you really have it for writing. Well, I already committed that mistake so I won't do that again. Remember guys write to express and not to impress. That was my motto starting the day I realized that my purpose in blogging was definitely wrong.

So this are the LESSONS I personally learn from my mistakes and from other bloggers success.

1. Put up a blog for a certain purpose. - launching your own blog was quite easy than maintaining it. You should choose specific genre where your blog will be focus such us fashion,beauty,travel,parenthood etc. By this you won't be confused in which article you'll be writing the whole time. As for personal blogs, this one comes with random stuffs. It's easy to use this genre but it's hard to categorize and you'll take time.

2. Write to express and not to Impress. - this is a big no no ! If you have a passion for writing then write. People won't notice your works at first but if you really are dedicated to write quality blog content your be catching attentions later on.

3. Time - is very essential in our daily lives. As you build up your blog, you should also know how to give time for it. Give it a regular schedule for you to check at least twice or trice a week if your just having this for fun, you still have to manage it regularly to maintain your interest with it.

4. Be updated. - Being updated will give you advantage to every blogger. Be in the hook of everything trendy and timely. That would help you attract more readers.

5. Be dedicated - if you really want to blog for a living or just have more readers, you should be dedicated enough to your blog. Monetize,advertise,use keywords and such. You should have the allotted attention to your blog and  blog post, you should  also know how to use social networking sites and be more friendly to gain readers.

So that's my top five lesson learned for the day :)
I hope it will would help you have the personality I don't have ( choss ). I badly need to be responsible in my duties and make my mind function properly because it's ERROR right now hoho. Babaye !

Friday, May 03, 2013

Blogging and me

    Hello there ! it's been months since i last entered a new blog post. Well, that's because of my internet connection off course and my heavy schedule being a freshmen student. I actually have lots of stories to tell but I really can't post it sooner. Ghad, I almost lost myself going back to the threads on different bloggers group. Reading those new rules and regulation and the schedule and etc leave me dumbfounded.

    Exhausted, I dunno how will I cope up in this fast evolving world of blogging. I guess I need another month again to go back to track and post sensible entries in my blog. Hihi I hope there's angels out there whose willing to guide me and give tips and tricks in blogging. After all I've been here before but now, I'm having a hard time syndicating and understanding lots of stuffs. 

    As for now, I'll be contented in posting what I want, what I feel and what I love.  Bwahahah I'm starting to get crazier again .