Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Blogging, No Tumblr and No Wattpad

   So do you experience having your laptop on your side 24/7 ??? If yes, I know the feeling to. It's like anytime you would love to open your facebook account and update status, you can just sit at one corner then shoot! your updated. And when something enters your mind and you'll love to blog about it,you'll just think how will you compose your great paragraphs then blast! you've blogged already. How Imiss those times when I can go online almost everyday. Urrrgggg I remember sleeping late at night just to read others post and creating my own too.

   Grrrr I'm so so so so depressed when my laptop shuts down. Yah, it's just like, I turned it off and when I was about to open it , it won't. I tried repeatedly but nah! It didn't work. So in short, I lost my laptop. Huhuhu I destroyed it .So deym. So I always went to computer shops just to rent one computer to finish my assignments. Obviously, I've been veeeeeery busy in this first semester. It's a total blast for me. New environment, new works and strange professors who loves piling our research works and will sent us to different places in the metro to conduct interviews,tours, and documentaries. See how hectic my schedule was ?? Urgh I'm sotired and HONESTLY, I'm not used to this kind of stress. Oh well that's my reasons of being gone. Hohoho being so lazy updating my blog and so much more.

    Enough of the dramas. I just want to get my laptop back. See, almost 5 months!!!! I haven't come to someone to fix it. Hmpfk, hope you know my reason. BUDGET! (will someone sponsor me ??) But this Christmas break,I'm looking forward to fix my laptop and get back to my hobby. I badly missed blogging and going online for 5 hours straight hihi.

   Well,guys, I have so much to tell about. Lots of "first-time's" and lots of new experiences. Ugh, hopeIcan still shared those to you guys ^U^  BEING POSITIVE NOW.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mga kuha sa MANILA ZOO


marami pang mga imahe sa mga susunod na araw ^____^
Taas noo ko pong sinasabing ako at ako at ako ang may kuha ng\mga litrato na nakikita niyo.


Bilang pakikiisa sa buwan ng wika, gusto ko sanang magsumikap na gumawa ng mga artikulo sa aking blog na nasa filipino ang miyum..... Kung may mali man ako sa mga terminolohiya at iba pang tagalog na lenggwaheng mali ang grammar o hindi kaya ang spelling ay pagpasensiyahan niyo na po.

Makiisa po tayo.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting a terror PROFESSOR !

   Yeah right !! I just started my serious week as a college student . Well , kinda boring at the first week because there was only 2 to 3 professors that come and meet us . Traditionally first week is the adjustment area where we do nothing but full of introductions. But now that the 3rd week of school is coming along , where facing some strict rules and regulations already.

   (>__<) HUH !! We just met 2 terror professor that gonna ruin our college life . Uwaaah !! ( O.A ) Not that exaggerated but I guess they might be ?? Rumors from the higher years advice us to be more grade conscious for there are some prof's who really gives so low grades . Now , we met this prof who was said as a terror one. 1 minute passed  and nothing happened but after 3 hours of that eencounter . We feel that we already can't breath . It is because of those so many requirements and indeed , it was not jost requirements but so , so hard requirements . He's very strict in time , or in attendance and in the proper attire . His house rules are so uuuurgh !!

   Pray for me people . I might get 3 on my card and I don't want that . I'm DESPERATELY having some troubles now but I'm gonna cope up with all this adjustment in my college life . Hey , hey !! Gonna blog all the happenings SO WATCH OUT !!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day in College

    My first day in College ?? Quite exciting . There were butterflies on my stomach and I can't sleep the day before it . I'm entering the Polytechnic University of the Philippines , a state University in the Philippines as a college student now . ( ^_^)/ I'm very much excited to meet other people specially my block mates and seniors which I already met through facebook. Facebooking really help me to connect and enjoy chatting with my future and now present blockmates. Although our class starts too late ( June 19 ) at least we already knew each other and expect that our first day would not be too boring .

a photo after our lunch with new college friends

        Our schedule time is not that hectic so we were not at the "HAGARDNESS" stage for now . By the way if I had some time I'll try to upload my schedule here. I'm taking PNR (  Philippine National Railways ) as my way of commuting but luckily , sarcastically speaking , that deym PNR left me. So what do I expect . I'M LATE ON MY FIRST DAY ! WATTA ! So lucky because when I arrived , our professor is not yet in and he's late also. Some introduction to our subjects and so on . There was some changes in our curriculum that made us yield ! One of our subject was change and now , we are the first batch who will be learning 4 languages ( Mandarin , Spanish , French , Nihongo ) in our Foreign Language class  (^o^) and that was fantastic !!

     We do election of the class officers after introducing ourselves one by one in front . We are 55 in all!
My known friends in facebook won the highest position and I'm happy for them . Me ?? na'ah !! I don't wann ashoukder any responsibilities for now . I just wanna focus on my studies and take life serious for now on !
We took our break time and then back to our class room.

     Everything went well on m first day and I'm very happy to meet my block mates , the person whom I will be at the nest 4 years to come . GOD BLESS TO US AND MAY THE POWER OF GOD GUIDE US ON OUR STUDIES .

Monday, June 04, 2012

One Short Love story


------ **

I am a girl who see's the world transparent. I look at it with my two eyes wide open .
I am a girl who learn to see the world as dark as it can be. I was a girl who discovers the d*mn part of life . 
The world , the life . They are so unfair .


I am a boy who see's the world at it's worst. I look at it with my eyes closed but my heart open . 
I am a boy who learns to see the brighter side of the world . I was a boy who discovers the beuty beyond my dark world.
The world rotates . The life has its own cycle  though , they are both unfair !!


I saw a girl sitting by the road. Her teary eyes caught my attention . Her angelic face , magnets my eyes . Her aura pulls my heart down .This undefined feeling leads me to a conclusion that in a glance I knew I fell inlove with this strange beautiful creature.

I stared at her almost an hour . Never took my eyes away from her. Never waste time to look at her . 
A man came to her direction . Gets her hand up then rapidly pulls her . I saw her looking at me . Her eyes was full of unknown burden . I saw the sadness and the pain in her . I just saw an angel in mournful situation . I don't know what to feel , what to do ! I wanted to run and be her hero but I just can't . 

That girl that I saw was really an angel. She's to high to reach . She's beyond my world. That girlis my fantasy. A fantasy of mine that I know will never come true. 

I still find ways to stole some glimpse of her. I still find tricks to See her beautiful face. II just can't control myself. Hence of my situation . Hence of this d*mn status in life. I still want to see my star. My moon . My life .


I knew this boy . This pathetic boy who always peeps on my window. This boy who always looks at me from a distance.  This  boy whom I wish to be my savior , This boy who stole my heart . 

Every night I dream of him . Wishing and begging God to give him the strenght to save me . Every morning is a new hope . I always have faith .

And yes , I the girl from the mansion , the girl from a far , the heir of a powerful family fell inlove with a stranger . 


Finally I get the chance to talk to her . Laugh with her . 

This day of committed sin was the best day for me . I was delighted and a spark of bright light appears in my life . There's a brighter side of the world waiting for me with this angel beside me .Yes , this angel beside me brought the hope. He took all in me,everything, but thank God  he left one girl who means everything to me. 

I committed a sin , but I committed it happy . For the first time in myy life , I got the chance to laugh , to love . For the first time in my life I'm free. For the first time in my life I'm happy . It's all because of him . That boy made me complete . He really made me complete .



"starting today you are not allowed to go out of this house without my permission . I will not allow that idiot to see you anymore. I won't allow your f***'n relation go deeper .. Don't you ever forget Agatha , you are into marry Andrew. Don't even dare to refuse or else your boy will suffer "


We fight for our love . We fight for our relation . But who am I , a poor guy who have nothing to give to my angel. A poor guy who can't promise anything but love. What a world ! ! 


I will never surrender . This is my chance to have my freedom . I will never give up. My life , my love , my boy , I will always fight for him .


Yes , she did it ! She did not give up , she did not surrender . I'm the one who looses the game. I'm affraid to take away everuthing from her. I'm afraid she might looe all that she have now just because of me . I failed. I surrender . 

But before I leave I made a deal with her parents beefore I give my angel back to them . 

" Here's my life , my angel . I'm giving her back to you. I don't wan't her to be hurt . I don't wanna see tears rolling down her face . Take good care of her . Let';s make a deal before I go. !! "

" then what was it ?? proove your worth of our daughter ! proove it then I will allow hr to marry you "

" Yah , that was exactly what i wanted to say ! someday I will return . I will comeback for my angel . That day , I will stand in front of you , chin up and I'll ensure you that I already have everything ."


Why ? why ? why ?

why did hee go ? where did he go ? 

who can answer my quetions ? ... tears are rushing . They fall faster than ever from my eyes .

I can't bare the pain anymore. I can't !


I work hard . Study hard . Live hard .

I did everything . I suffer with pain and loneliness.

I'm longing and misssing my angel but this is all for her .

** Almost 6 years of living life as hard as it can be . I finally got something .

I got the diploma and the degree . I got the companyu ang the postion .

I got money and power . But I still don't have everything when I don't have my angel.


I search and search and search for my Agatha . .

through 1 year of investigation of the long lost daughter of the most powerful family last 6 years ago .

I found myself standing infront of a tomb .





I don't know what to do . My face has no expression . My hands and knees are shaking .

My lips want's to speak but there's no word coming out . 

I didn't notice those tears running down my face . 

"Agatha my angel . Agatha my angel . "

I fell down . I can't control myself anymore .

An old woman come infront of me holding a letter

" Last 6 years ago ,  Mr. and Ms. Hormes gave this to me with 100 , 000 thousand pesos , They instructed me that whenever  I saw a man come here and see him crying as if he's not a man . I should give this letter to him "


the letter says ,
Mom / Dad ,
    For how many years I live the way you wanted me to live . I followed what you wanted me to follow. I never have the chance to be happy . I never got the chance to be complete . Until then I meet Arthur . An idiot ,pathetic and poor boy who gives me everything you failed to give me. He gives me joy . He draw the smile in my face . He gives me love . He gives me a baby . 
   Mom / Dad , I love you so much . Please tell Arthur that I'm fine and happy now. Please don't tell him this . Please tell him I loved hem so much . Tell him that I'm the luckiest girl in the world when I met him .
   Bye mom and dad . I love you so .
--- Agatha

Friday, June 01, 2012

Smart Decision Making

    Decision making is a hard task to do. You need to think of it once or twice, better yet thrice ! We all need to be smart in making our decisions . People get confuse sometimes and the outcome are not good.

    I am a teenager and yes , I'm having a hard time coming up on my decisions. I just think of it once then everything is okay but the its not okay after all. I don't waste time giving importance into choosing my decision so I always end messed up. Well I have this crazy minds and crazy thought that control my actions so I can't blame my self . mwahahaha , I'm just trying everything life offers me ! ( anu daw ?? haha)

    Like for example blogging . When I first blog I really love it . I've been active for a couple of months then after that I get tired of it . Well , try another one like online part time job hunting . I wasted lots of my time here and then get bored.  I can say that I am so moooooodyy . as in MOODY .Sometimes i thought that I'm a bipolar person ! harhar. But well , I can be as prrofessional as I can and pretend that I'm genius but then I can't do that for a long time because I get sick of it . I am easily to disturb and to be interrupt.  So I am loosing my focus on one thing.

  I getting out of the topic. Anyways, in connection to that , in short I am so trying hard in making decisions like what I want or what I need to do. I will decide this and later I will choose another one . haaaaist what unpredictable attitude I have. I'm tired and sick of this . I can't really stick to one interest.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pangarap Ni Bestfriend

Hi guys , I posted this for you to read and visit me at WATTPAD.COM ^__^
This is a online publishiong site and I wanted you guys to visit this if you have free time .

By the way I'm posting my stories here in my blog :)
Maybe I can make a downloadable copy so you can read it through your mobile phones ^__^

Hindi ko alam kung anong pumasok sa isip ko at naisip ko ang iniisip ko ngayon !!

Basta alam ko bigla ko nalang naisip tong iniisp ko kaya sana maisip niyo na kahit papano naisip ko din na walang kwenta tong iniisip ko  ^______^


Tapos na ang klase ko kaya dapat pauwi na ko ngayon .

Pero hindi naman ako ganun kabait na bata eh .

Kaya maggagala muna ko ..

Ako nga pala si Hannah Hernandez Pascua  . First year highschool palang ako at bago sa school na pinapasukan ko . May mga nakilala nako kanina na classmates ko pero mas gusto kong magisang umuwi kaya hindi ako sumabay sa kanila .

Sa di kalayuan ay may nakita akong babaeng umiiyak .
" Bakit naman sa dami ng lugar sa tabi pa ng kalsada niya napiling magdrama !! "

Napansin ko yung grupo ng kababaihan na halos kaidad ko . Mukhang first year din sila .
Sino kayang pinagtatawanan nila ?? Yung girl ata na umiiyak dun .

" Ate bakit ka umiiyak ? "  tinanong ko yung girl

" Yung salamin ko . Yung salamin ko kasi nahulog . " mangiyak-ngiyak na sumbong niya sakin .

" Wag ka ng umiyak . Saglit lang ha . Hahanapin ko ." iniwan ko siya para hanapin yung salamin niya .

Paikot-ikot nako sa area kung san niya itinuro pero wala dun .

Napansin ko lang ah . Prang kanina pa tawa ng tawa yung mga babaeng yun ah .

" Hoy anong gusto niyo ? away o gulo ? "  nilapitan ko sila at hinamon ng suntukan .

" Bakit anong problema mo  "


Di ko na pahahabain pa .

Nangyare na ang dapat mangyare .

Napaway at . AKO . AKO . AKO ang napuruhan.a

Siyempre lima sila tapos ako isa lang diba ...

Ako na talaga ang kawawa.


" Ate wag ka ng umiyak jan . Oh eto na salamin mo " nakangiting inalalayan ko siyang isuot yung salamin niya .

" Salamat ^___^ salamat talaga "

Ang laki ng ngiti sa mga labi niya .

Masarap palang tumulong sa kapwa .

Mas gusto ko kasing manggulo sa kapwa kaysa tumulong eh .

" Ate Angel kaba ?? " tanong niya sakin .

" Bakit ? "

" Kasi ang bait mo eh . "

" Ikaw ha , bumabanat ka ng pick-up lines ah ."

" hahahahaha "  sabay kameng tumawa .

By that time , parang ang gaan na ng loob namin sa isa't isa . Ngayon palang parang nakikita ko nang magiging mabuting magkaibigan kame .

" Alam mo isa kang kayamanan para sakin , yun bang TREASURE ! " sabi niya .

" Bakit ? "

" Kasi ang sarap mong ibaon eh . "

" ikaw ang daya mo . Ako naman . Yelo ka ba ?? "

" Bakit "

" Ang sarap mo kasing ihampass sa pader eh ! "

" whahahhaha " sabay na naman kaming tumawa .

wala kaming tigil sa batuhan ng pick-up lines hanggang maghiwalay kame ng landas .
Magkalapit lang ang street namen kaya nagsabay na kaming umuwi . Napag usapan na rin nameng araw-araw na sabay na kameng uuwi .


Akalain mo bang classmate ko pala siya . Section 1 kasi ako ngayon . Naligaw lang talaga ako sa section nato kaya O.P ako . Thanks kay Mara at hindi niya ko iniiwan .Mara nga pala ang pangalan ng bestfriend ko ^__^ Naks Best friend !!

Araw-araw hindi niya ko tinatantanan .

" Gumawa ka ng ganito , gumawa ka ng ganyan ! Yung project mo ipasa mo na . Bukas may review tayo sa math ha , tutulungan kita . "

lahat nalang , para kong may private tutor sa kanya .

Nakakaasar na minsan dahil pag niyayaya ko siyang gumala ,
hulaan niyo an niya ko dinadala ???




Aakalain mo bang nag over all top 2 ako !! Yup , yesssss . nag TOP 2 ako ..
Dahil yun sa magaling kong teacher na si Mara mae Martinez ^____^ siya naman ang TOP 1 .
Grabe ang saya ng nanay ko talaga !!
O.A siya magpasalamat kay Mara .
Pinaglutuan niya ng pagkadami-daming pagkain at ang favorite ko pang CARBONARA !!

" Uwhuaaaaa .. Carbonara !! "  sabay kameng sumunggab ni Mara sa nakahaing carbonara sa mesa .
Pareho kasi kame ng favorite eh .

Nasa bahay kame kasama ang mga magulang ni Mara at ang mama ko .

" Mara , salamat ha . "

" Bakit po Tita ? "
" Kasi tinuturuan mo si Hannah ko . Walang kahilig-hilig yan sa pag-aaral pero dahil may kaibigan siyang tulad mo . Ay nako sobra-sobra ang tuwa ko at nahahawa siya sa katalinuhan mo . "

" MAMA !! " pagmamaktol ko .

" Hindi po Tita, matalino rin po si Hannah , tamad lang yan "

" MARA !! "

" hahahah "  sabay-sabay kameng nagtawanan .

" Pero iha , salamat talaga ha . Ngayon may tiyaga na mag-aral yang si Hannah . Makakapagtapos na siya . Hindi ko na iintindihin kung nagaaral ba siya o nagbubulakbol lang .  Salamat talaga ha Mara . " mangiyak-ngiyak na si mama .

Ganun ba talaga ko ?? wala ba talaga kong gana mag aral dati ??
Puro lakwatsa nga pala ko at panay guidance ako nung elementary ...
Mukhang tama si mama .

Kung hindi dahil kay Mara , siguro wala parin akong paki alam sa pag-aaral ko ngayon .

---   FAST FORWARD   ----

 2nd Year

Pasko nga pala ngayon at nasa vacation break nga kame .
Magkasama parin pati mga pamilya namen dito sa bahay .
Grabe ang dame na nameng memories !

" Ang saya pala pag may bestfriend ka . May kapatid kana , may tutor , may bestfriend pa !! San kapa kay Mara na !! "

* Boink *

" Aray naman Mara , bat naman nambabatok ka jan ! huhuhu T_T "

" Sira ka kasi , kung ano anong sinasabi mo ! "

" Mara , Mara , Mara, bestfriends forever ? " tinaas ko yung little finger ko . " Dali na , promise me, fraiends ay bestfriends tayo forever . Kahit anong mangyare ^___^ "

" Forever ?? "

" Oo , forever . Dali na magpromise kana . "

pinagcross namin yung mga little finger namen at nag promise na bestfriend kame forever.

" I will never broke this promise Hannah . Kahit nasan ako . Ako ang bestfriend mo . "

" Anong kahit nasan ka ?? bakit iiwan mo ba ako . "

ngumiti siya " of course not . Iiwan ko ba ang bestfriend ko . "

------- Fast Forward ------

3rd year na kame ni Mara.

Mag-classmate parin kame dahil hindi kame naaalis sa Section 1 .

" Hannah "  nagulat ako ng bigla niya kong tawagin sa seryosong boses habang pauwi kame .

" Oh bakit ? babanat ka na naman ng pick-up line ? "  pa-birong tanong ko sa kanya .

" Alam mo ba ang pangarap ko ?? "

" Ha ? " nagulat ako sa tanong niya . " Oo , diba pangarap mo makapagtapos ng highschool bilang Valedictorian tapos makapagtapos ng college ng Summa Cum Laude ?? ang taas nga ng pangarap mo ! "

" Mataas ba ?? "

" Oo kaya , ako ? Hindi ko yan papangarapin kasi di ko naman kaya eh ."

" Hannah "  seryoso talaga siya ngayon .

" Papayag ka ba kung ikaw ang tutupad ng pangarap ko ?? "

" Ano ?? ako ?? tutupad ng pangarap mo ?? "

" Oo , ikaw ! Pwede bang pag hindi ako ang naging Valedictorian , pwede bang ikaw nalang ?? "

" Ano bang pinagsasabi mo ha ? Ikaw na ang Valedictorian . First year palang tayo ikaw na ang manok ng mga teachers . Tsaka di ko kaya yun . "

" Kayanin mo Hannah . Kayanin mo para sakin . "

kinakabahan na ko sa mga sinasabi niya . Para bang may laman yung mga words na binibitawan niya .

" Mara bakit ba ?? " seryosong tanong ko sa kanya .

" Basta Hannah , ang pangarap ko . Pleeeease tuparin mo . "

" Hoy ika----- "

wala na , tumakbo na siya palayo -- hindi nako pinatapos magsalita .

Napapraning na ata yun eh .
Kung ano-ano ang sinasabi .
Baliw-baliw !!

----- Fast Forward ----

4th Year na pala kame .

" Hoy Mara , parang kaylan lang first year tayo !! "

" Oo nga "

" Parang kaylan lang nakita kita don oh . Umiiyak . whahahahah . Parang bata . umiiyak magisa .. whahahah !! "

* Boink *

" Aray naman Mara eh . Joke lang naman yun eh . "

" Alam mo bang dapat magdo-drop out nako nun ? "

" Nung araw na umiiyak ka ?? "

" Oo , magdo-drop nako nun . "

" Bakit naman ?  bakit ha , bakit ?? "

" Easy kalang , excited mayado !! " naging seryoso ulit ang mukha niya . " Wala lang ^___^ "

* toinks * ano kaya un .

" Hoy ang daya mo . Bakit nga ! "

" Wala lang nga eh . Basta dahil sayo kaya hindi yun natuloy ^__^ "

Nginitian niya ko . Yung unang ngiting nakita ko noon . Ang ganda .
Ang sarap sa pakiramdam .

" Bestfriend ko talaga . " hinakbayan ko siya ng mahigpit dahil na-touch talaga ko sa sinabi niya .

Dahil daw sakin di siya nag-drop .

Oh diba ang sweet kaya nun .

" Mwah . mwah . mwah . chup chup bestfriend " pinagki-kiss ko siya kahit tulak siya ng tulak sakin .

----- Fast Fowarrd ----

3rd quarter na ng school year .

Nagtataka lang ako bat hindi pumapasok si Mara .

Magkatext kame pero sabi niya naman papasok siya .

Oo daw .

Bukas daw .

Bukas daw

tapos bukas daw ulit ..

Nagaalala nako ..

nalilate na siya sa lessons .

Importante ang 3rd and 4th quarter saaming mga taga section 1 dahil dito na
ibabase ang pagiging Valedictorian .

Pinupuntahan ko siya sa bahay nila .

Kung hindi ang mama niya , ang papa niya ang nandon .

Sa araw-araw na pagdaan ko sa bahay nila bago umuwi ,

hindi ko siya machambahan .

Yung babaeng yon !!
pinagaalala niya talaga ako .

Ano bang problema niya ??
Anong ginagawa niya ??

Nakakaasar !

Nakakaasar !

------- Fast Forward ------


Seryoso ang araw na to .

Kaba at lungkot ang naghalo .

Nangungulila ako .

Hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko .

Paakyat nako ng stage .

nakasabit na sa leeg ang mga gintong medalya .

nakayuko lang ako .

nakalatag na ang isang papel sa harapan ko .

Ito yung speech na hinanda nila na basahin ko .

" Good afternoon  teachers , distinguish guest , parents , guardians and to my fellow students . A pleasant greetings to all . I -- I Hannah Hernandez Pascua ---- "  napayuko ako at mangiyak-ngiyak na .

nakikita ko yung mga teachers na sumisenyas sakin na basahin na yung speech pero ----

Crinumple ko yung papel .

" Mam , pwede po bang magsalita nalang ako ? "  nakatingin ako sa mata ng adviser ko .

Oo , alam ng adviser ko ang buong kwento .
Hinayaan niya ako at pinigilan ang ibang teachers sa pagsita sa akin .

" Pasensya na po kayo kung hindi ko kayang basahin ang speech na ito . Meron lang po kasi akong nais ibahagi sa mga kapwa ko magaaral . Gustong marinig nila ang isang kwento . Ang kwento ng mga pangarap ko ."

sa mga oras nato nangingilid na ang luha sa mga mata ko .

" Hindi ako matalino , hindi ako masipag , lakwatsera at mahilig ako sa gulo . Hindi ako ang nagsisimula pero ako ang tumatapos kaya guidance lage ang bagsak ko noong elementary at hanggang pagtungtong ko ng first year high school.  First year high school , may nakilala akong kaibigan . Nakita ko siyang umiiyak dahil nalaglag yung salamin niya . Nakipagaway ako , alam niyo ba kung bakit ? Hindi kasi nalaglag yung salamin niya . Kinuha yon at pinaglaruan siya . Tinulungan ko siya . Yun ang unang pagkakataong nakatulong ako sa ibang tao . Simula noon , lage na kaming magkasama . Siya ang nagsilbing tutor ko sa araw-araw . Hindi niya ko hinahayaang mahuli sa klase. Pag absent ako , pumumunta siya sa bahay at tinuturo ang mga lesson sa akin .Siya ang kaibigan , karamay at gabay ko . Kung hindi sa kanya ay hindi ako makakapasok ng library , o kahit makakatapos basahin ang isang libro . Tinuro niya ang kahalagahan ng edukasyon sakin . Pinakita niya ang sipag at dedikasyon niya sa pag-aaral sakin . Dahil sa kanya nahilig ako sa libro . Dahil sa kanya narito ako sa harap niyo .  Alam kong kilala niyo siya . Alam ko ring alam niyo ang kwento naming dalawa . Si Mara Mae Martinez , siya ang bestfriend ko . "

this time kumawala na ang luha sa mga mata ko .

" Sa mga oras nato , nasa langit na ang kaibigan ko . Nasa langit na ang pinaka paboritong guro ko . Wala na ang bestfriend ko. Nung araw na magkakilala kame , ayun ang araw na taningan ng doctor ang buhay niya . 1 taon na lang daw ang itatagal niya sa mundo . Dapat magda-drop na siya . Pero dahil sakin -- dahil naisip niya ibahagi sakin ang pangarap, ang pangarap niyang makapagtapos ng high school bilang Valedictorian at college bilang Summa Cum Laude . Himala raw na umabot siya ng 3 taon pa . Isa raw himala na tumagal pa ang uhay niya ng higit sa taning ng doctor .Hindi niya ko pinabayaan hanggang sa huli reviewer ko parin sa darating na exam ang tinatapos niya . Nakakaasar siya dahil iniwan niya ko para abutin yung pangarap niya . Iniwan niya ko mag-isa.( Humahagulgol na ako ngayon ) Pero kasama ko kayo ngayon . Tayong lahat na naging bahagi rin ng buhay niya . Para to kay Mara . Para to sa best friend ko "

umaagos na ang luha ko at wala rin akong marinig na ingay mula sa kapaligiran .

Ang tahimik .

Sobrang tahimik .

" Para sa masasayang ala-ala natin sa highschool . Para sa mga taong nakilala natin dito , sa mga taong nakasalamuha natin , yung mga nakaaway , nakasama sa club , mga nakilala lang sa hallway at sa mga naging barkada at tunay nating kaibigan . Ang lahat ng ito ay hindi natin iiwanan at gagawin lang " High school memories . " Babaunin natin sila . Dadalin natin ang mga aral na natutunan natin mula sa kanila . Isasapuso natin ang bawat ala-ala . Pagyayamanin natin ang dunong na ibinahagi nila . Simula palang ito ng mas malaking pangarap . Sabay-sabay nating tuparin ang ating mga pangarap . Kasama ko sis Mara , at kasama niyo ako . Sabay-abay tayong tutungtong sa kolehiyo , magtatapos muli at haharap sa mundo . Kaya natin to . Kaya natin to "

a moment of silence .
Clap .

clap .

clap .

Lahat ay tumayo at nagpalakpakan .
Kita ko ang mga luha sa kanilang mata ..

Mara , kahit ang daya-daya mo . Mahal kita Bestfriend.
Atin to . Atin tong medalyang hawak ko .
Tutuparin ko , tutuparin ang pangarap mo .


ang drama !! 

shockings !!

ang pangit ba ????

pasensya na ah !!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

POV of Jhackie : First Heart Break

     Remember your first crush ? your first love ? How about your first heart break ? your first heart ache ? Do you still remember the feeling ? Do you still remember the pain ? Off course you'll remember . " First love never Dies ", that was the saying which made your first heart break more memorable and unforgettable. It keeps the stain in your heart that gives that special something into the first heart break you experience that just keep you remembering that very day when you first get hurt , when you first get blocked and when you first get broke.

      A teenager once ask, " When will I know if I'm already in love with someone ? " . Crucial question which gives a headache to her mom. " You got a crush on someone ?? if your admiring him, then he's your crush. When time come that you're already feeling hurt . I guess that's the time the you can say that your officially in love" . Feeling the pain is the key to knew that your already loving someone. A teenager would be confused between the so called "crush " and "love". Those two things are very much different in all aspects. Your first crush may not be your first love , but your first love is always your first heart break. Why? because you can't actually say that you already had you first love unless you experience your first heart break.

    The sweetness and happiness of the first love is much and double when the bitterness and madness of the first heart break attacks. Your fairy tale will become your hellish story ever made. Frustrated and frightened of what will happen next . You'll feel stock in a corner and be unnoticed. That's the feeling when you already experience your first heart break. Worst is when there's no one to comfort and support you in your darkest nights and all you think is that your alone and rejected.

   Over coming your first heart break : Easy ?? your absolutely wrong. To overcome this is like forgetting your first love. Remember the saying again , " First Love Never Dies ", so how can you forget and overcome this. All you need to do is to move on. [ Moving on is another topic when it comes to love discussion. Just wait for my another point of view ] For your first heart break , earn advice's from those people whose done with that phase. Listen to them and accept the fact that your just stepping forward and will face another boy/girl. Remember that you will need a helping hand in your life to help you carry on ^_^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lonely Little Lady

Lonely little lady by the sea
been stock and there's no place to be .
The crying lady fill the ocean by her tears
listen to her and lend your ears.

She's a simple little lady by the sea
longing for a love to see.
People just passed to stare
No , she's waiting for someone to care.

Shouting but no one could hear 
been there but not so clear.
A smile is not for a year
but a family is what I'm searching here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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