Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Little Miss is SAD :(

        I can't make any post or even write a poem or a quote. I can't open my laptop and last an hour doing whatever in it. I don't know why I'm like this. I just knew that whenever I felt mad at someone or get disappointed for something I will not do anything. I don't have the strength and the will to do a task or anything. This past days , I am very down. MELANCHOLIC !! yah , My Christmas is not that happy. So I can't write  post here. I'm sad , yes, very sad ! Hope this feeling go away .. like a song ;

Rain , rain go away . 
Come again another day
Little Children want's to play

Rain , rain go away . 
Come again another day
Little Children want's to play

     So I hope by tomorrow I could write a better post ............................

Thursday, December 22, 2011


 I remember my peers having problem with this CURFEW hour. That time I never knew what it mean. Is it a special time ? for what ? I asked them about it and they explain it to me very clearly. So here's my own research of it :)

      Curfew came from  the word covrefeu , an old french word that means cover the fire . Back then people in France set their time on when they will kill the flame of their candles or lamps. They call this time as covrefeu. At the Mid English or called Anglo-Frech they pronounced it as coverfeu . The word evolves as it pass through languages and comes out with the word "CURFEW". This means a regulation or rule requiring a person to be at home at an specific and prescribe time given by the ones who had the authority , maybe parents , officials in town or elders. It may also mean as an order establishing a specific time in the evening after which certain regulations apply, especially that no civilians or other specified group of unauthorized persons may be outdoors or that places of public assembly must be closed. (This was a short research)

Nowadays there are several acts or laws in our country containing rules of curfew. Different places here in our country are consummating this laws. Indeed , this rule will really help the town officials to organize the public places or the city. This regulation should be followed by youth .Well , when we look at it closer it is obviously for teenagers who loves staying outdoors late at night.

       My some of  friends are like vampires. They love staying outside during night so this is their big problem.
I remembered when they where caught by the barangays who roam around our place at night. Haha they sleep at our Barangay Hall. I guess they learned their lesson by then. Starting that night they never went out when our curfew hour started..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suicide Attempts : Teenagers way of Escape

          In be half of the million teenagers nowadays my opinion about "Suicide attempts of teenagers" 
are to be read here. No offense to other people as well as other concern individuals who would disagree or agree with me. This is my personal opinion/thought regarding this topic.

         We are now on the stage of modernization. Too many changes are occurring in our world and at the same time we people too are facing so many problems. As everybody knows problems are not only carried by adults, parents and elders. Conflicts and struggles in life was also seen by young people. The audience or little once are also carrying the burdens. Yah, maybe your children were to young to understand things around him/her, but you never can tell.Nowadays children are better, they are smarter. Their mind are faster and they can catch up very quick. The little boy/girl that you are protecting and isolating from the real world might build his/her own world. You as a parent might cause the abnormalities in him/her emotion. Specially when you already build a barrier for him/her against the society just because your being insensitive. Or maybe you might be too kind to him/her that he/she take's that as an advantage to escape from your house and gone wild at somewhere..These are probably some reason why teenagers messed up and go out of their minds.

Imagine if every 20 min. 1 teen is dying for a none sense reason. What will happen to our world !!
If they are being mislead by adults then what will we expect on the future.


1. Lack of attention --> Because of the less attention a teen is given , he/she is craving for it.  He/she is searching this attention from other people such as boyfriend/girlfriend or in a group of friends that somewhat sooner or later leave her/him hanging and causing him/her to attempt suicide.

2. Depression --> Due to the mixed emotion and frustrations , failures , struggles , and conflicts in teens life depression occur. During this stage a teen's mind is out of control. Her/his thinking is not proper and might cause him/her a great damage.


3. Unsocial --> Being unsocial causes a teen feels that he/she is alone and when you are alone , things or crazy things rather enters your mind. "EMO" thats the best term for it . Lack of social ties are the common cause of this.

4.  Pressure --> A teenager is always facing different problems and challenges everyday. Together with these are the pressure that the people around him/her is giving him/her. Upon carrying the responsibilities some might be to pressured and collapsed. They are the ones that tried escaping from the this pressure.

5. Loosing God -> For me this is the number one reason why teens and other people committed suicide. They are not that close to God or living without knowing God . These people Don't have the relationship to the Lord or any religious knowledge and have no activities associated to the churches or religious groups .

Teenagers made suicides to try escaping the reality. Due to this reasons and many more that are not specifically mentioned , teenagers made their own way of escape.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Blogging fun ?

      Last year I meet this girl, a schoolmate of mine, I found out more about her. She was a blogger , web designer , freelance model and a paid advertiser. I get confused. She really earned money through internet and because of that I adored her much. She became my inspiration to build a blog. Honestly my first intention in blogging was to earn money. Who don't wan't money? Off course I wan't it. Everybody wants it. That's my number one perspective upon writing on my blog. My outlook focuses on how to earn and to find online income. I took time on how to find online jobs. I wasted my hours searching, but don't find any that suits me. Well, I just stopped. Get disappointed. Its not that easy.I just failed and found none. Very ridiculous.

     I continued my blog. I write random thoughts and ideas. I put their everything that I want.  Without knowing that my blog would expand and would be read by more people around the world. Everyday I am earning knowledge about blogsphere.I discover great blogs that I do always read from then. I also meet people who has wonderful blogs. The coolest is when I have known this Filipino bloggers too .Yah , they really made me envy. I got an idea that someday my blog will be better than theirs.haha !! As I go farther beyond my expectations, blogging has been a part of my daily task. I can't last a day without dropping by my blogs and updating it. I do love blogging so much. I found it very interesting. I can share all what I wanted and give my own opinions. Whats very enjoying here? Its when I posted my poem and get positive comments. It gives me a smile. Whenever someone followed my blog, I get interested to them too and ten followed them as well. I always check my blog status and when I found that I got too many visitors, it makes me smile then.

     As I started blogging I knew that I am with a wrong purpose yet I found a deeper meaning of it in myself. During my first 4 months of being a blogger, I can't tell that I wrote very interesting and useful articles or post but by being a blogger I expresses my feelings and opinion. It was really fun. Am I being redundant of it?never mind. I always wanted to see myself blogging different unique topics and an eye catching articles for readers. I dream of being a better blogger than I AM.Filipino bloggers are my inspirations. I now set aside money and write for my own happiness. Even if I still hope for online income, it is not my number one reason now. So , is blogging fun ?? Yes , absolutely. I could proudly say that I AM A HAPPY BLOGGER :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


You know what I really need when I feel down,
when I feel depressed and specially when I feel
so tired and haggard ??
its SiLENCE.
I just need space , air and silence.
I don't want to talk , because I might shout .
I don't want to do anything because I just might made worst out of it.
I just need to sit down calmly and
keep myself quite to feel
the refreshing sound of silence.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Friend ??

Being a good and a true friend has a lot of difference.
A good friend may be sharing foods to you and give what she has. May always be at your side 
and tell you everything but leaves you when you do bad, and when your at your worst.
But a true friend may not be always at your side , may not share food but give it all or sometimes just 
ignore you with no reason and then asked if you missed her...
and the most of all is that when a good friend tell you something that hurts you
more and a true friend hide it just to makes you feel better.

Tama at Mali

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Shooting Star

Boy: Guess what?
Girl: What ?
Boy: I saw a shooting star just now
Girl: Really?
Boy: YUP
Girl: Did you make a wish then?
Boy: No
Girl: Why not ?
Boy: My wish is right in beside  me..♥

---- > Very cute right . I saw this from face book. It just caught my attention and I'd love to post it here. 
haha what a sweet moment with a special person .

Friday, December 09, 2011

starting to learn WEB DESIGNING

      I am so eager to learn more about this world wide web and explore different things within this circle, but as I go deeper exploration I found so many things which caught my attention. These things really hangs me. They disturbed my mind always . So one by one I wanted to learn them all. I wanted to discover more about them and my first task is to know more about web designing . Web designing is a very interesting for me. The templates of other bloggers really made me insecure ( haha ) I always wanted to have and build my own design . But I know that was too far for me to grasp. Now , I decided to start learning this. I am watching videos on youtube. By the way watching tutorials via youtube is  what I prefer most , I'm not that good reader and I just get drowsy whenever the article or info's don't enter my mind. As what I have said , I have started watching videos and these videos really do help me. Very awesome!! Well I am just starting , watch out for my own design .. haha ( if I could do one ). Hope I can !!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Is this the world ??

Is this the world of human being ?
a world that is always pretending
Is this the only planet with life ?
Yes ! this is the planet of strife.
A big circle of frustrations,
A huge compartment of possession.

Luxurious beings lived within
Living their life alone with scheme.
This is the world of sinners
no saints , no greek gods but liers ,
Yes, this is the world of the human.
A cruel and sarcastic world of man.

Oh what a pathetic world I have been
I can't hold but scream
I can't believe what I have seen
I tried describing these by words,
but this is an unpredictable world
and I'm alone to do these works.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

My head aches

haha , I hate seeing such that thing ..
my mind OVERLOAD !!
No space for a new lesson :))
its good that our blackboard is not this big.
if that happens,,, hhmmm
i might choose CUTTING CLASSES !!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Giveaway Part 1

Since I love spoiling you guys, I’m throwing a 3 part Christmas giveaway + a birthday giveaway (I’m turning 19 on December 23) this holiday season! :) Here are the stuff you can win for Part 1 (thank you so much to these stores for sponsoring the prizes):

 2 pairs of earrings, 2 rings and 1 charm bracelet from Cheap Fashion Finds

 2 canvas tote bags from Printsesa

 1 thrifted lace dress from Hubs & Buns

 1 wire ring, 1 feather earring and 1 hippie headband from Anagon Collection

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