Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i miss the old times

Online Jobs for STUDENTS ??

     Taking so much time researching and surfing the net. was too hard for me just to find online jobs that suits in me. I'm just fun of finding online jobs that will be a source of my income. At first it was just for fun to look for jobs online, but as I go deeper researching, I found that real money can also be earned through internet. I get curious about this jobs. I just wander , why do other people work so hard? they almost die working and turning their nights into days. While some people just sit down, face the computer and do some hand exercises and tada!  money will just fly into their cards.

--- to be continued ..
antok nako ... asar ! by the way this is done na naman in my scratch :))

Monday, November 28, 2011


Let me be your candle
in the night of struggle.
Let me be your spark
your little light in the dark.
Let me suffer for your sake
I offered my life, you should take.

I will always be your candle
your silent friend in the battle.
I will always be your guide
your shelter in the tide .
Yes I will always be your candle
if you just let me .

Thursday, November 24, 2011

FAiL :))

Take a look of this funny photos :D

Look what happened to SpongeBob :((

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tahan na Kaibigan

--- This is a poem I made for my BESTFRIEND . Her father just past away this Saturday . I can feel the pain that she's feeling right now, but it's the fact that we needed to accept that life has to end.

Hawiin na ang luha sa pisngi
ngunit wag nang piliting ngumiti.
Di maiaalis sa puso ang hapdi
bunga ng kanyang pagkasawi.
Siya'y umalis, ang mundo'y nilisan
presensya nya'y patuloy sa puso't isipan.
Ramdam ko ang sakit kaibigan
tahan na , buhay ay sadyang ganyan.

Siya'y tumungo na sa isang paglalakbay
patungo sa walang hanggang buhay.
Sa iyo ay tapos na syang gumabay
iyong mundo'y nabigyan nang kulay.
pagibig mo ay dadalhin niya sa hukay
masasayang ala-alang walang humpay.
Sa hinaharap mong takipsilim ng buhay
kumawala ka , Diyos ang tulay.

Balikat ko ay naririto
panyo at palad na hahaplos sayo.
Pumarito ka muna sa piling ko
sandaling talikdan, mapagbirong mundo.
Subukan ma'y di natin matatakasan ito
tanggapin, kahit sariwa pa ang sugat nito.
Siya'y nagpaalam na, kami'y naririto
mga kaibigang dadamay sa iyo.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

give me a title ?? I don't know what title i will give to this ??

Keep on asking questions ?
tired of all frustrations ?
have you search or solutions ?
or solve the equations ?
No, you just guess the conclusion !!
Have you made any action ?
or move to change the motion ?
No, you just sit and made prediction !!

Debris of the past piled up,
pieces of the glass where wrapped .
Broken mirrors unfixed,
melancholic life it is.
Mournful souls awake,
happiness and gay it take.
Sleeping sorrows scattered,
entered the hearts of the bothered .

Step out of the box,
go get that golden ax .
work , start to carve
feel bless of what you have.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I feel like cheated hmmm !

    Nov. 15 ,2011 . It was a heavy day for me . I'm so busy doing school activities and it actually like kill me
 ( huh exaggerated )   But I have something to laugh or to be annoy either about this day .
 I wanted to share this foolish moments of mine :))

    It was a tiring day as what I said . While I'm on my way home from our school with my 2 classmates ,
 we passed through a vendor of random things. ( Here in the Phil. there was many vendors which uses the 
trick of luck, I mean the lucky people should only win it. It goes like there was a paper with nothing and its where will you choose from it, and when you dropped it in the water, a number or a letter sometimes shapes
 will appear. If your lucky and guessed what the content of the paper, you absolutely won a prize ). 
Hmm guess what I did. I go back and pick a paper there . 1 piece of paper and a guess cost 5 php. . 
First try was a failure. 2nd try was a foolish one . then the 3rd, 4th, 5th try was a d*mn !! I didn't got at least 1 correct guess !! grrrrr..... 1 spent my 50 php just for nothing . It was very disgusting ! The money that I lost was my last budget that day . My wallet cry out. agrrrrrr !!!!

   So that's all . That's the day when I lost my mind and left it on somewhere . haha..
 LESSON : don't ever trust the luck ! It MIGHT NOT COME . YOU MIGHT LOOSE ! hehehe ..

Monday, November 14, 2011

street art


Very awesome art works :D
amazing right ??
ART really made life so wonderful .
I salute every artist in this world !!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Back when the sky was dim,
remember we had a dream?
Walk on top of a rainbow,
use it's colors in times of sorrow.

Mournful days , shuttered nights,
still can smile, ready to fight.
Tattered laughter s, broken hearts,
still can stand , ready to start.

One by one we conquer fears,
face our journeys, wipe those tears.
I am your shoulder ,  you are mine,
together we face our life sublime.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

IMY !!

     This day was quite a lonely one for me. hhmm what was wrong ?? Longing for someone ?? or just missing every one .  Who am I pertaining to ?  Okay, today  lets talk about my friends. My ever loyal , supportive and crazy friends ever . The people who was destined to cross the path which I'm taking and join me for a walk. The people who shed tears and laughter's with me . How I wish we could be at one road for a lifetime. How I wish to spend the everyday with them to fill it wit happiness. Oh ! they are worth missing and looking for ....

     Friends ?? someone you can lean on . Someone you can cry on . Someone you can open your heart too. Someone who knows you inside out . Some who lends a helping hand. There are so much definition for a friend . So much adjectives to describe he/she. But don't you ever wonder why friend is there . Why the word friend exist ?? I can say that it has a connection in the phrases "each man is not an island" and " everyone of us have responsibilities/obligation " . Being a friend is just simply loving someone. A special love that we can give to others without malice. Being a friend is an honor .  There are no bad and good friends or called BI ( bad influence ) and GI ( good influence ). It is actually a choice for us what path we will take .

    For now , I just misses my old friends. I misses the moments and memories . I'm longing for them too much . Missing the times we raised shot glasses and ate junk foods. Share plates and drinks. Toast for a beer. Share problems and depressions. Wen't to the guidance office together. Made crime together .. I'm searching for the comfort that we gave to each other .The memories of the friendship is indeed a treasure to keep. The friends I met and have bond too is stock here in my heart . I will all keep them and never ever forgot them.

   Its time to be back in reality. Its time to accept the fact that everything changes. The time , the day and people are not the same anymore. I have to accept that these people that I called friends only join me for a walk . A walk that will end soon when we get to another crossing. We have to walk in separates ways. Departing time had come.

Friday, November 04, 2011

waking up !

        Lets talk about our society! what a about it ? what about our environment and the atmosphere ? We can all be blind by it. We can all be numb of it.We can all just past by the street and neglect the pathetic children or just be so cruel to earn much money while others have none either.It's just a thought in my mind that leads me here. Being expose to the real world was quite disgusting for a teen. It annoys whenever  I see the dark part of the earth. Deep frustration, burdens and possessions are too hard to understand. Some are beyond my knowledge and even if how I hard I tried to understand it , still I can't . Back when I was younger than I was now, I remember playing around. Nothing to worry about. In my mind was a world so wonderful, colorful and beautiful . But what was I don\'t know is that this world is above and beyond my imagination.

  I was just an ordinary student. Non-powered and simple. I am not In the place to command. What I know that I have the right to speak , to share my ideas and expose my opinions. I am not a perfect citizen of my country nor a good Samaritan. I am but a teenager, who have the desire and hope that our world will be changed to a better one. Hoping that one day all the people will come as one, with one heart and one goal and that goal would aim to break the barriers that each continent, country , cities , and humans made.

  Wars , conflicts , distraction and struggles around the globe. Differences , frustrations , obsessions , selfishness cause it all. Bombings , airstrikes and terrorist attacks , what a frightening situations. Never in my mind to wish encountering one of these. One by one we will all die. Die for a nonsense reason . Die from the hand of our fellow countrymen. Die for a reason we don't really understand. Die in a war which no one knows when it did started or even why was it started. I don't wanna see my relatives and love one's on the news dying . I don\'t wanna stand without doing . I love this world . God had given this to us to protect and not to ruin. God had given us to took care of this and not to worn it out. God had failed trusting us. God had failed giving us the obligation . Us citizen of this world are just controlled by our damn emotions. We never think of our fellow people. We tried to escape the reality, hide from the society. We won\'t accept truths, we just believes on our own lies...

   Waking up is the only key. To open again the close doors. W shall not wait for the act of God.You and me should not be afraid of one's shadow. We should work out peace against the time... I have but a single step. You too had it. Every one had a single chance. Lets not waste it . STOP THE WAR AND MAKE PEACE. A phrase that continues live but never we did. How could I accomplish this? if I'm doing it without the help of you my dear. Let's all together wake up our souls. All together make one goal. LOVE and FAITH is the secret weapon. Made a little step towards the better future.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


You spend a lot of how many,
waste a tons of penny.
You don't know your lucky,
having such that money ??

Shopping , buying , wasting .
What a repeated doing !
Have you ever think of saving ?
or either giving ??

Will you stop gambling
and just start building
your future with nothing
to fill it with everything ?

Just take a little time,
wasting money is a crime.
essential thing , we need it .
Learn to share and give it !

--- jhackie p.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Did you enjoy your Halloween ? hmm what costume did you worn ? How many treats do you got and earned ??? 

   Asking me ? I absolutely enjoy my Halloween . Regularly my halloween is just spending this day as usual . Nothing is new . All are just repeated actions of yesterday . But this last Halloween , I can say that it was not an ordinary day . Hmm If I am correct this is the first time I enjoyed the Halloween . yah , I enoyed my halloween , HOW ?? continue reading :))

   The photo above was a picture of my niece and nephews . Guess who ruined their faces ?? haha its none other than ME . Your right , I just started my career as make-up artist :)) MAKE-UP ARTIST OF THE DEAD .While I'm watching a horror movie.  They knock on our door and ask me to dress them up for this halloween . I got a bright idea !  I immediately went to my closet and find worn out clothes there . I get it to serve as there costume . I had a lot of fun painting there faces . I keep on laughing while doing it . They are cool , they calmly cooperate without any hesitation . I feel so glad . hahaha can't hold but laugh out loud . I get some " HARINA" and mix it with face powder . I got my lipstick and eyeliner on the side. It just last 5 mins. to dress them one by one . Feeling like a stylist ha ! 

     After I finish putting them make-ups, We roam around our area . They knock on each neighbors door and TADA !! TRICK OR TREAT :)) We walk don the street and all eyes are looking at them . Although there are other children that was in costumes too , still the gossips stared at my children . Haha what a funny experience . I am the manager of my little kids . I hold the candies and the money that people gave . What am I doing? I am eating the candies while we are walking without their knowledge c(: !! The kids are having fun to . They keep on running and running to somewhere . They are also enjoying  what we are doing . 

   We earn a lot of candies and money . We are all tired even if we just walk for almost 1 hour and half . I divided the treats to them and sad part , I don't get some :(( HUH .. UNFAIR !! 

Whatever hatred saves the number.

Enough LOVE

The most powerful in this world,
given by God for us to know its worth.
There is no difficulties that it can't conquer,
there is no questions that it can't answer.
There is no disease that it can't heal,
there is no hatred that it can't kill.
No stoned heart that it can't soften,
no closed doors that it can't open.
Even how hopeless the outlook
though you're tapped in a dark nook.
a great realization should occr,
that loving enough is humans nature.
For there is enough love that solve,
chaos and havoc, it will all dissolve.
if only we could give enough love ..