Sunday, October 30, 2011

live life like what you wanted

it makes a world off difference.

who knows when u won't be able to ??

holding those emotions inside is bad for you .

its one of the most wonderful things in this world.

what's the point in hiding happiness.?

why not let them know your unhappy

------ anonymous !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sleeping Positions

Crazy positions ha !!
made me laugh :Dhow about you ? what was your
favorite position up there??

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this one comes from the movie "3 IDIOTS "

This was my FAVORiTE MOViE OF ALL .
The man here that commit suicide was a Engineering Student that failed  one semester.
Since he could not graduate then, all of his dreams and ambitions just
pop like a bubble. He has a father who always believed in him and 
has this strong faith that he will be the first in their family to graduate.
He couldn't take the thoughts of how will he face his father,
and the ideas that all his efforts just faded away .
He did not bear it .....

ISAIAH 41:10

God is indeed my savior and my strength !!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what I mean is " I'M SORRY"

I wanted to escape the past
the memories that crushed.
I wanted to turn back fast,
and just forget that trash!

I made my heart a numb,
even if I looked dumb.
I hide on my poker face,
I erases all that trace,
But still your mark gives pain,
because it actually remains.

Still I can't hide what's true,
that I am missing you.
2 long years we been through,
I always do , searching you !

I wanted to bring back yesterday,
wishes that it was today.
But how can I do ??
if I'm doing this without you !
I'm just asking for one clue ,
Am I forgotten , or be forgiven by you ??

--- I dedicate this to my friend. A friend who were there for 2 long years, 
but now we are separated by conflict and misunderstanding.
I misses her a lot :((


    This made me laugh :))

Monday, October 24, 2011


:(( I misses those days of  happy moments .
if I could just turn the hands of time backwards,
i will do it again and again !!
I'm suffering today for a cause which I don't know what !!
Sad part ? Nobody knows my feelings and I think nobody cares :((

school :((

huh .. :(( this is absolutely true !!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


don't forget using a magnifying glass c(:
beware if the prof is there :))
use a telescope either >.<



Once in my life
darkness filled me up.
Loneliness has carve
into my my tired heart .
Too many times I had been broken
so many times been fixed,
but then ripped me again .

You are all so blind.
My burdens were bind.
Behind the cloud where I see the light,
still here contented seeing it.
Never to aim holding it.
Afraid of falling,
afraid of being crushed.
Regrets holds me back,
Memories pushes me down.

I just stay here.
Stay broken and unfixed.
just here contented ,
with my wounds that will never heal .

Friday, October 21, 2011


I remember playing this with other children outside our house. 
We are used of doing tricks while jumping at one's back :))
Sad part was because nowadays 
new generation don't even know this street game :((

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make it REAL

Dreams are made for us to believe,
they are made for us to achieve.
We should not ever retrieve,
or should not ever grieve.

Dreams are there to serve as goals,
thou there are walls made by foes.
Plant a seed and watch it grows,
then harvest a fruit worth of golds.

Pursue your dreams and make it real,
let your hearts desires reveal.
Wake up and make a deal,
learn to labor for your dreams.

Amidst the dark you should  put a light,
to serve as guide while seeking the right.
The tunnels end was far enough,
for you to be smart and tough.

Touch the sky and catch the stars,
stop the rain and ride a cloud.
You've gone so far from the start,
Never give up, say it a loud !

--- jhackie P.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goodbye ?

The times when we were together
are times that will last forever
The hugs and kisses will remain
the sweet moments with a pain.

Memories I will always keep
even the letters that I rip.
candy rappers that i treasured
with your love that can't be measured .

Sad to realize that its done.
Lovely days are already gone.
Years will pass that I'm without you.
and I don't know if can go through.

But now we have gone to an end.
because God now took what he lend.
I'll love you even thou your gone.
'cause our love story is not yet done.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Feelings

I love you, its all I knew
and I miss you, that is true.
I care for you thats what I do
and If you'll hate me I'll be blue ..

Loving you is all I know
Even thou you always go.
Waiting here I'll always be
Even if your hurting me.

My feelings for you is real,
see, my works and deeds reveals.
I will stay here 'till you knew
that I'm the one loving you.


A mysterious world where you have been
by your own you fill it in.
Build your goals and plans with in,
it is what we called a DREAM.

Close your eyes and lay your back,
open it and your back to the track.
Far from reality you saw the crack,
of your life of pure black.

Fantasies and great illusions,
burdens and deep frustrations
in life filled with continues explosions.
It is where you found your passion.

The smart escape from society,
living life  alone with vanity.
Do you think it would help you in reality 
that dreaming is your way of being happy ?

deeply think before you woke up ,
to found out that your progress was stock up .
You live in your dreams without being  aware,
that life in this world was too unfair..

Seek for the truth in the real world,
Walk in the axis of planet earth.
Learn from your dreams word by word,
reflect it on life to have its worth.

Thursday, October 13, 2011



I remember this one moment when me and my friend where crazy walking
in the middle of the road . Take note! there are vehicles rushing on our sides :D .
Crazy little things are worth remembering for me .
We were fun of doing unique "trips" in our lives.
Even when this "trips" leads us to danger or to be in a difficult situation .
I love doing crazy things with MY FRIENDS .. REALLY !!       


I love my friends when we're doing crazy things together like this one :)) .
A very crazy posing while taking picture !
feels a shame while doing this act but it gives us a tummy ache after too much laughter !
 yeah ! we're CRAZY , but we did it :) !