Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Blogging, No Tumblr and No Wattpad

   So do you experience having your laptop on your side 24/7 ??? If yes, I know the feeling to. It's like anytime you would love to open your facebook account and update status, you can just sit at one corner then shoot! your updated. And when something enters your mind and you'll love to blog about it,you'll just think how will you compose your great paragraphs then blast! you've blogged already. How Imiss those times when I can go online almost everyday. Urrrgggg I remember sleeping late at night just to read others post and creating my own too.

   Grrrr I'm so so so so depressed when my laptop shuts down. Yah, it's just like, I turned it off and when I was about to open it , it won't. I tried repeatedly but nah! It didn't work. So in short, I lost my laptop. Huhuhu I destroyed it .So deym. So I always went to computer shops just to rent one computer to finish my assignments. Obviously, I've been veeeeeery busy in this first semester. It's a total blast for me. New environment, new works and strange professors who loves piling our research works and will sent us to different places in the metro to conduct interviews,tours, and documentaries. See how hectic my schedule was ?? Urgh I'm sotired and HONESTLY, I'm not used to this kind of stress. Oh well that's my reasons of being gone. Hohoho being so lazy updating my blog and so much more.

    Enough of the dramas. I just want to get my laptop back. See, almost 5 months!!!! I haven't come to someone to fix it. Hmpfk, hope you know my reason. BUDGET! (will someone sponsor me ??) But this Christmas break,I'm looking forward to fix my laptop and get back to my hobby. I badly missed blogging and going online for 5 hours straight hihi.

   Well,guys, I have so much to tell about. Lots of "first-time's" and lots of new experiences. Ugh, hopeIcan still shared those to you guys ^U^  BEING POSITIVE NOW.