Thursday, July 16, 2015

Internship Diaries : Newsletter

July 16, 2015

                       Today was a busy day for me. Got a full pack schedule from my work to my OJT and straight to my evening classes. Everything was st not until my classmates texted me that our Thesis adviser called for a meeting this same day at 3:00 pm. That was unexpected because my internship ends at 4 pm so I have to ask permission first.

                        In the office, I continue my task which was to accomplish the Newsletter. Well, I can’t really complete the newsletter this day because there are some articles that was missing. Not literally but for example the upcoming Market Relevance Corporation’s First ever conference. The event needs to be incorporated to the newsletter so me and Jao needs to wait for the actual event to write about it.

            I focused on the layout of the Newsletter and come out with the final design. Next thing I did was to asked sir JM and Jao for any comments or suggestions. Afterwards, I  did a couple of write ups about the Christmas Parties of MRC. It includes the themes, venues and happening during the events. I also asked Jao to help me in this part and he then submitted me an article about Ms. Lourdes that is needed by the newsletter also.

                     The day in the office went light and well. They are too good to allow us go early and attend the meeting I mentioned Earlier.

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