Monday, July 06, 2015

Internship Diaries : The Interviewer

July 6, 2015

         Last Friday Ms.Paz briefed us on a certain project about mall assessment. The briefing was not that hard but everything in it was important for the validity of the survey and respondent. Upon arriving in the office, I wrote on my timecard and waited for something to do.

         Ms.Paz asked me to edit 20 questionnaires that was accomplished I think yesterday. The editing is a huge part of the data gathering process. This is a stage where you will see errors of the interviewers and in some instances some respondents and surveys was void. In my case, I saw a lot of errors not particularly in just one questionnaire but in multiple sheets. The errors raised from un-skipped questions, un-asked questioned to unverified responses. I had marked a couple of questionnaires and had really fun doing it so.

       At almost 3 pm Ms.Rhods instructed us to go to Trinoma, a mall in Quezon City to conduct a batch of survey. I was so excited because this is my first time doing a real field research with MRC.  We joined Ms.Aileen, the operations Manager to Trinoma. She was a good person and has an inspiring story to tell. I admire her journey in the research industry and she’s also good n explain and instructing us the things to do. I was given 2 questionnaires to accomplish. Before we proceeded to conduct an interview, we dropped by the administrative office of Trinoma to get the permit for the project.

          I immediately approached an elderly who just sat down on the benches near us. Luckily she was willing to share some of her time with me. Upon screening the respondent, Ms.Aileen sat beside her too as I throw up questions. I knew I was being observed at this moment and it adds the tension. In some instance Ms.Aileen will interrupt and verify some responses which I fail to do so. I learned a lot from the two interviews I accomplished.

The experience was challenging and really a great one.

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