Friday, July 10, 2015

Internship Diaries : The Conference

July 10, 2015

I went to the office of MRC today with a task to accomplish. Yesterday, Ms.Paz and Ms.Aileen assigned some paper works for us to do today but of course they taught us first what to do. Upon arriving, both of them, Ms.Paz and Ms.Aileen were absent so I proceeded doing my thing. I grab the questionnaire from Ms.Aileen's desk.These are the ones which I observed while the interviewer, Ate Cass, was conducting the survey. I evaluated the performance of Ate Cass through a standard measurement provided by the company.

I was about to continue doing my next set of work which is to backcheck the 40 questionnaires. Backchecking is the process where the key person verify the surveys through calling each of the respondents using their given contact number. When you called the respondents the screening questions should be asked then just throw random questions from the questionnaire and check the accuracy of his/her responses. Well the backchecking never happen. Instead Ms.Rhods briefed us about the upcoming MRC Conference which surprisingly will be organized by us three practicumers. The conceptualization, presentation and the the contents will be coming from us. I was assigned to make the music video of the company's theme song,remember I was the videographer during the recording. I will also write the company's Newsletter and research about ASEAN Integration. Wooo thats quite a huge and exciting responsibility thinking that the conference will be on the 21st of July and our deadline was next Friday. Let us call it a challenge!

We started a bit research about the assigned task for us but when Ate Weng, or the key person doing the encoding and data processing of the company arrived, we stopped doing our thing and proceed on the lessons. Ate Weng showed and taught us the data processing and let us experience the encoding of some questionnaire. Everything went smoothly until its 6 pm already.

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