Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Internship Diary : First day on the Job.

July 1, 2015

Dear Diary,

        I have a story to tell.

          Today was my first day on my internship at MRC or Market Relevance Corporation. I came in the office at 8:13 they told me I'm very early for my 9:00 am call time and I replied that it was intentional because my first time going to the office was an epic fail. I was lost in Boni Avenue but luckily for this time I discovered a fastest and more convenient way for me.

          Ms.Rhodora welcomed and asked me to read the HR manual upon waiting for Ms.Marielle, the HR assistant. I reviewed the manual as instructed. When Ms.Marielle arrived, i held her my endorsement letter. A few more minutes and we started the internship orientation. She let me watch 3 long video presentations regarding the company, market research components and some confidential stuff. I recall many topics so the first two video presentations are familiar but the third one was quite new to me so I have to familiarize myself. After watching those videos Ms.Rhodora hand me their internship journal and asked me to write down everything I recall and my feedback towards the videos I watched. Well, not quite sure but I guess I manage to fill the 12 pages of journal.

        Afterwards we proceeded to finalizing my schedule and then contract signing. Gladly the company had no problem with my part-time job and class schedule so everything went absolutely fine. Ms.Marielle then introduced me to the rest of the employee that I will be working with. I was overwhelmed with the warm welcome and greetings, they even treated me lunch for my first day. Thankful I was.

       When all the paperwork are done with me, they let me join the team that will record the company's theme song. We went to the recording studio just down the street from our office. I became the recording artist, just kidding. I was the videographer of the music video. It was fun and kinda awkward at first but I manage to end the day with a smile and an awesome goodbye to them.

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