Friday, July 03, 2015

Internship Diary : On tape

JULY 3,2015

          Today is my third day of Internship. I arrived at 10:00 am, one our passed my normal call time because I have my part time job because 10 am is really my scheduled start of shift. I was surprise to see someome in my assigned seat, he is being oriented and I am thinking if he will he will be my partner in this internship.Guess what? I am right and this boy is familiar to me because we came from the same school with the same course but different section. We're introduced to each other and get a long just fine. afterwards Ms.Marielle let us watch a video of an focus Group Discussion. the clip is about the transition of men's want and perspective. The respondents age was 30-39, they are all married and have kids. 

        Overall we manage to understand the main point of the FGD and the way how it was held and handled by the facilitator. We get excited when Madam told us that we will handle an FGD and become a facilitator ourselves. That was very awesome if thats true.Great experience for sure.

        Afterwards we proceeded to the briefing of a project about Shopping Malls. Ms.Paz briefed us together with two other interviewers. This is not new to me,us because were used to surveys but this real project gets us excited.

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