Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Internship Diaries : Upper Class

July 7, 2015

                  This day was my second day of being a field interviewer. I was placed under the supervision of Ms.Paz. My first impression to her was super strict and professional. I also thought she was snobbish but I was wrong. We met inside KFC, MRT Ayala at  9 am. I arrived exactly 9 but they came 1 hour after. Haha that’s fine, I managed to took my breakfast first thou I didn't like KFC that much.

         We discuss a bit about the project details then proceed to look for Glorietta’s administrative office. I met two field interviewers of MRC which was Ate Marina and Ate Yolly. They are both bubbly and industrious individuals. Upon checking the permit in the administrative office of Ayala, we found out that the permit for our project was effective tomorrow and not today so we have to proceed to Greenbelt instead. I was with Ms.Paz and we are to position in Greenbelt 2. Greenbelt, I thought was an up-class mall indeed. The Greenbelt 2 was pure restaurants so I had a hard time gaining interviews. There were no benches and it’s not your typical mall. Everyone has to go inside each restaurants and eat then go. They are all in a hurry so it’s a big delay for them and a challenge for me to conduct this ambush interview.

                        I approached everyone I thought might allow me to borrow some of their precious time but it’s really tough to find one who is willing to be surveyed. I got 10 refusals after I got my first completed interview with a female adult belonging to upper class. She first asked me about the validity of the survey and for the permit of the project. Off course I had a permit on-hand to show her and explained the purpose of the study. I buffer a bit while asking her because Ms.Paz was butting in. I understand why she did that but I’m still not confident.

             I was glad to have my second complete within an hour from my first one. This time I’m much confident and familiar with the questionnaire. It’s an awesome feeling to accomplished your task earlier than expected. 

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