Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Day in IDC : January 27

This is our first day in International Data Corporation or simply IDC. Yesterday, January 26,2016 we are already briefed on what to expect and what to do. We have signed our contracts already and viewed our job descriptions. So this day, we are introduced to our boss’. The four of us, me, Hannah, Liza and Andrea were distributed to our assigned Bosses. Hannah, Andrea and Liza were assigned to assist the Research analyst of IDC and do some secondary researches for them. While I am assigned to assist the Product Marketing Manager named Angelica Beare.

In our First day I was instructed to sit beside the graphic designers of IDC. Well, I am not really comfortable sitting beside them knowing that they are boys. Haha Yes, I am aloof to boys especially when I don’t know them . It was a bad day for me actually but they hardly notice it's just that I am not comfortable. The problem is me and not them lol.

Good thing is when our Bosses invites us to eat lunch with them. Happily we joined them in one of the resto’s nearby. The place was not so cosy but the food is a real deal. We ate at Kuse in BGC and we are so happy because Sir Alon, Andrea’s boss paid for it. It was basically the highlight for the day.

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