Thursday, July 02, 2015

Internship Diary : In the Huge Building

JULY 02,2015

                     First time in One San Miguel Blg.

         Ms. Rhods, the CEO/president of MRC instructed me to report in their main office at One San Miguel. At the office Ms.Minette supervised me. I met sir Ranier and Sir JM, when I arrived all of them where so busy. I witness the tension inside the office as they manage to assist participants of the Focus group discussions and the clients as well. I think its just one FGD but was compose of 4 groups of participants namely the single mothers with child, the mothers without a child, teens and young adults. The topic perhaps was confidential.

         I tried helping them for some instances that I can. I helped Sir JM prepare the rooms for the fgd, we attached two Manila paper to the one side of the room to serve as there chalkboard. I was a bit amaze to see these room which has the one sided mirror where I knew client will watch over the participant without them knowing they are being observed. I got the chance to enter both rooms for the clients and participants and its a happy experience to me to be living the lessons I learned from the four corners of our room.

        I just stayed outside a one big room which has another 4 separated room inside. Two of those contains the participants and two also contains the clients inside. I was the assigned assistant for the client. I assist them if they need or asked something and also guides the participants when going to the restroom. I am the one who distributed food together with Ms.Minette and Sir JM.

Everything went a nice experience for me on my second day as an intern.

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