Monday, May 20, 2013

The Darkest Hour

Have you experience being trapped in a situation?
Have you experience being cornered without options?
Have you been accused of any but your as dumb to answer?
Have you experienced YOUR DARKEST HOUR????

when no one is there for you!
when no one even cares what's happening!
when you called but there is no one to answer.
when you crawled but no hand to offer.

The Darkest Hours of my life is my turning point
to knew that this society was blind and deaf
to hear me and you shout to hell
at top of our lungs to declare
a loving heart with all concern
is all what we need to built a world.
With equality and ordinance.
With truth and freedom!

The Darkest Hour of my life
a wake up call to stand and fight
continue the battle against the unsight
not in human form but surely tight
his power and connection on control
in the ignorance of many protocol
Be used and be misguided by fallacy
Be brave with guns and strong with knife!

This is my darkest hour
and no one seems to discover
I may smile but in this battle
a heart of pure faith and trust will suffer
but in the end the right time come
when demons fall and I will rise.
I'm sure to win this clever fight,
with ugly creature not by God!

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