Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lesson for New Bloggers.

I am on the stage of coping up into blogging. At first I put this up earn money but that was a big MISTAKE ! ( capitalized for emphasis ) That's not a good reason to go on blogging. You'll just fail and loose your passion if you really have it for writing. Well, I already committed that mistake so I won't do that again. Remember guys write to express and not to impress. That was my motto starting the day I realized that my purpose in blogging was definitely wrong.

So this are the LESSONS I personally learn from my mistakes and from other bloggers success.

1. Put up a blog for a certain purpose. - launching your own blog was quite easy than maintaining it. You should choose specific genre where your blog will be focus such us fashion,beauty,travel,parenthood etc. By this you won't be confused in which article you'll be writing the whole time. As for personal blogs, this one comes with random stuffs. It's easy to use this genre but it's hard to categorize and you'll take time.

2. Write to express and not to Impress. - this is a big no no ! If you have a passion for writing then write. People won't notice your works at first but if you really are dedicated to write quality blog content your be catching attentions later on.

3. Time - is very essential in our daily lives. As you build up your blog, you should also know how to give time for it. Give it a regular schedule for you to check at least twice or trice a week if your just having this for fun, you still have to manage it regularly to maintain your interest with it.

4. Be updated. - Being updated will give you advantage to every blogger. Be in the hook of everything trendy and timely. That would help you attract more readers.

5. Be dedicated - if you really want to blog for a living or just have more readers, you should be dedicated enough to your blog. Monetize,advertise,use keywords and such. You should have the allotted attention to your blog and  blog post, you should  also know how to use social networking sites and be more friendly to gain readers.

So that's my top five lesson learned for the day :)
I hope it will would help you have the personality I don't have ( choss ). I badly need to be responsible in my duties and make my mind function properly because it's ERROR right now hoho. Babaye !

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Teri said...

I'm confused. I wonder why the picture of the link of LinkWithin for this post is a picture of "Kojie San". I once applied in Google adsense but was disapproved. I saw your blog has one... I was once captivated in blogging to earn, but after the rejection, i just blog for no particular reason except to express.