Monday, May 06, 2013

Galaxy stuffs

A few weeks ago when I was having fun watching videos on youtube I passed by so many DIY projects ( DO IT YOURSELF) which caught my attention. Off course I wanted to try doing one for myself too, so Tada!! after buying stuffs I needed doing my DIY shoes I immediately made one pair.

excuse the messy background >_<

I wanted to put white shoe lace but Pink is all I have here. I preferred White for Galaxy Shoes.

    Obviously I'm inlove with this Galaxy pattern. You can search lots of video tutorials of this in Youtube. 
Why I love Galaxy Pattern? simply because it's super cute. See, just look at it. I really love the idea of Galaxy in my shoe. Aside from it is customize, I also enjoyed doing it. You can choose the colors you wanted to blend for your Galaxy and I'm sure whatever color it is as long as you blend it properly it will come up an awesome pair of Galaxy Shoes. You'll just need white acrylic paint or simply silver glitters for the stars and tada !! Super cool pair of shoes, I"m ready for school again ^u^ !

    The one above was made using s converse shoe. That one was suppose to be a high-cut type but it's really worn out and the top part was torn already so I decided to cut it down to made this low-cut converse.

another Galaxy Shoe I made with LOVE & HATE on top.

    This one, is also an old shoe from my shoe rack and hell yeah it's worn out, thanks tothose little buddies on that shoe rack. Grrr, I hate them but I love my shoes ^u^ ! So cute . I also painted " LOVE & HATE " on it to put my personal touch on it.

   By the way I also tried doing this Galaxy pattern on my shorts but I haven't taken a picture of it. I'll just post another entry for that soon. Babye !


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roviedear said...

nice diy!! you gave me an idea how to turn my old shoes into something useful :D