Friday, May 03, 2013

Blogging and me

    Hello there ! it's been months since i last entered a new blog post. Well, that's because of my internet connection off course and my heavy schedule being a freshmen student. I actually have lots of stories to tell but I really can't post it sooner. Ghad, I almost lost myself going back to the threads on different bloggers group. Reading those new rules and regulation and the schedule and etc leave me dumbfounded.

    Exhausted, I dunno how will I cope up in this fast evolving world of blogging. I guess I need another month again to go back to track and post sensible entries in my blog. Hihi I hope there's angels out there whose willing to guide me and give tips and tricks in blogging. After all I've been here before but now, I'm having a hard time syndicating and understanding lots of stuffs. 

    As for now, I'll be contented in posting what I want, what I feel and what I love.  Bwahahah I'm starting to get crazier again . 

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