Monday, May 13, 2013

Elections 2013: The funniest memes we've seen so far

        I always voice out my opinion in terms of social and political issues as long as I am concern. As for now I'm still not a registered voter since I'm seventeen. Today I accompany my mother upon searching her precinct number and even in shading her chosen candidates. I observed that there was a big change this election than the previews once. First, the searching for precinct number was easier. Second, people are not that crowded. Third, the line in each precinct was not too long because the process was quite fast. and last, Thanks ghad the machines don't messed up. 

      Let's rest from this stressful election day that disappoint allot of Filipino. We should know the fact that powerful hands still control everything here. We stand, they we're taller. We shout but their voice are louder!
Whoaa seems like a poem was running in my mind!  Well people let's just take a deep breath and look at this election meme's. We Filipinos are very creative, really! haha we're fast when it comes to kalokohans. Free your mind kababayan! We can still live for our mother country, just do it your own way and not depend on our .....GOVERNMENT!

PICOS MACHINE tatak CD-R King !!

    So Sen.Miriam is the  main actress here!

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