Monday, February 01, 2016

Happy Day : February 1

Today is the first day of the love month and it’s a happy day for me J Me Liza and Andrea decided to meet in the jeepney terminal and we came in at exactly 9 am in the office. I was still sited away from them and that’s sad L Anyways Ms.Angel had some things for me to do so I just focused my attention on it.

After lunch time we went back to our work place and start working. They are staying in the huddle area where Ms. I can’t remember the name assigned them and me still here besides the graphic designer. I was too lucky this day because sir Nico, Liza’s Boss notice me in that small area. Whoo Yes!! Sir Nico finally realized my unfortunate life there so he instructed me to join Liza, Andrea and Hannah to the huddle area and get away with their boys. That was a relief for me.

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