Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Walking down BGC : February 2, 2016

                I am finishing the task that Ms.Angel gave me yesterday. My job was to update the excel file about the things I notice upon browsing the analysts profile. I’ve got a long list of analysts to check but that fine. My job is much easier than my co-interns. Besides I’m loving excel files.

                We had lunch in the pantry and try to sit in the over-looking high chairs facing the see through mirror so basically we are staring at Bonifacio Global City from 18th Floor. It was nice to eat there but the sun rays shine a bit towards us so it’s hot, just a mild one.

                I accomplished the job earlier than Ms.Angel expected so I am overwhelmed with her comments. However, that’s the only task she has for me this day so I survived the day by updating my journal in this internship.

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