Tuesday, February 09, 2016

News of the Day : February 9

                I came in a bit early today. I am happy that I was able to pass the road before the rush hour hit J  I started my day by doing my News of the day. This is a new task given to me by Sir Jubert last February 3. He instructed me to champion a newsletter-like report every day. Basically it was just a compilation of everyday news that I will gather from various news platform online. I already did a sample of this last Friday so I know what to do now.

                I searched for at least 15 news portals and filtered their news. I selected only those that are ICT related and also business related news that have relevance to IDC in some way.  After doing the newsletter I proceed to Ms.Angel and ask if she has something for me to do.

                Again the day went through just like that.

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