Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Adjustment : February 3

                Waking up this late is not usual for me. Well my earliest is always 3 am to 4 am because I still have to go to work as a call center agent. So it’s quite hard for me to adjust my body clock because I have to wake up a bit late like 6 am or 7 am because our time as interns starts at 9 am in the morning.

                However I still managed not to be late J My day always starts by walking down the Bonifacio High Streets. I love seeing colorful stuff like boutiques and stall in BGC. Good thing the building requires us to pass through this because we have no other way haha.

                The day went so well. I don’t really know what’s with IDC that the time here is so fast. I, We can barely notice the hours. As I finished my job I just watch videos in Youtube and that’s fine because I did my job already J

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