Saturday, January 07, 2012

Worth of Sacrifice

           As part of our values subject , my subject teacher asked us to watch a video on youtube entitled "Worth of Sacrifice" . Base on the title I knew that it has a very important lesson in it . I am so excited and finally when I got home I rapidly open my laptop and watched.It was very serious. The background music is so sad and combination of the video and music arrangement was job well done. The actors and actresses are so fine . While watching the video I didn't noticed that a tear from my eye was slowly rolling down . Then at the end , I just whip my tears . The story was so sad . Very sad . I just want to share the message with you !!

Hope you guys get the lesson from it . 


chrisair said...

thanks for sharing T_T, it is worthy

Lourdes Espanol said...

Everyone should learn the lesson of this video.

Lynn said...

amazing...thanks for sharing =)

bagotilyo said...


thanks for sharing this.