Monday, January 02, 2012

Rushing for Christmas

        I am too busy these past days so I failed to write a post about my Christmas updates and activities. Hmmm I'm a bit disappointed because I think that I'm late on posting this. By the way I just wanted to share my day before the 25th of December.

         The morning of December 24 gave me a headache.When I woke up I come running to the comfort room to take a shower then rush to dressed up. Its already 10:30 am , me and my boyfriend we're already late for the train. We went to Tutuban Mall to do our last minute shopping. Huh so hazzle. We are amaze when the train already arrived. We thought that there were only few people who rides the train a day before Christmas but NO, the train almost overload. There are so many people inside it that the air can't come in and out. Some are stepping on my feet and bumping me left and right. I can't blame them for the train is moving and we were to crowded inside. Finally when We arrived at the mall, we then thought that there are few people . But NO again. There are a lot of people doing there last minute shopping too. 

           Upon roaming around the mall. We take a look of the sales and discounted items. We bought some.I can actually say that in Tutuban mall we can really save much than on other mall. We failed to go to Divisoria which is behind Tutuban Mall where the products cost least. We just bought gifts for the "inaanak's" of my boyfriend and for my niece and nephews. We had a lot of time choosing the best gifts that will suits each child's taste. We search for the best quality with the lowest price. Then Finally we're done. We just went to Jollibee to fill our empty tummies. Then at 5:00 pm we went home quick. As fast as we can.We walk and ride just to ensure that we are going to be home for dinner.

           We arrived at 6:45 pm at home and rapped the gifts quick. We finished rapping at 8:00 pm to be exact then prepare the table for dinner. We had a busy and tired day. Everyone of the family member enjoyed our dinner. ( sorry for not having the pictures ) You just dropped by on my facebook account and its all there. Well, don't have much food on our table but we have yummy and delicious leche flan , salad , ham , spaghetti , caldereta , Paella and Chicken Garlic all cooked by my father. We have celebrated a beautiful Christmas .

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