Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Mind blowing circumstances
trapping your cells in instances
leaving to hope for chances
beg to hold life in full access.

Professional pretender
your a long lost traveler
arguing in front of the mirror
wait 'till one surrender.

Your a human enclosed with freedom
yet suffering from life's boredom
you, still aiming the stardom
but not knowing God's kingdom


Badet said...

Nice one! You have a knack on stringing words.

violy vallester said...

Nice one! I used to write poems specially when I'm depressed... Hehe then I suddenly stopped now I'm missing it din.. Hope to be inspired to write one again soon!! ;-)

John and Joyie said...

I remember my days when i was crazy writing poems..Yours is nice and well, inspiring.

Eymard in Finance said...

Cute poem.. I created a poem way back high school. It was awful. Buti ka pa. Hehe.

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

I wonder what inspired this poem. I hope you're feeling all right Jhackie. :) I did spend some time trying to figure this out. Hahaha I love poems! :)

Traveling Morion said...

remembered high skul days when i created a love poem for my puppy love jejeje (kilig)

Rey Belen said...

Love this part "you, still aiming the stardom but not knowing God's kingdom"
Good thing that you highlighted that knowing God first is THE most important thing. :-) God bless.

Xan Gerna said...


chrisair said...

best lost poem

ralph said...

sometimes people just is lost between carnal and spiritual life... ganun talaga, nawawalan ng saysay ang buhay kung wala si Yahweh. :)

Blair Villanueva said...

love your poem girl :)

topexpress said...

I used to write poems when i was in school and i must say you are so good at it! Keep writing ^_^

Lourdes Espanol said...

I admire people who can make poems. It's really hard and I suck at it big time. Keep it up.

Sumi Go said...

This is such a nice poem with a nice message :) I used to write poems but I stopped na for an unknown reason. Maybe I'm just not motivated enough.. haha.. Anyway, keep writing! :)

Chel said...

Beautiful poem. I love this part because I can relate :( "Professional pretender
your a long lost traveler
arguing in front of the mirror
wait 'till one surrender."