Monday, January 23, 2012


     At times when you can't control your feelings, when you can't hide your emotions and when you can't force yourself to smile at front of others. These are the moments when you need someone to understand you. To understand you not physically and not by vocal but through your silence and through your eyes. Do you ever look for that someone , that someone who don't need any words from you to for him to know that your not ok? Me? yah! I always search for that someone.

     I found that someone in the presence of my true friends and off course in my special someone. But when I loose control of my feelings , and specially my anger. uuhhh I just get confused after about the things I have done and said. I don't know why  I'm like this but I can't sleep whenever I can't tell someone why I'm angry or why I'm sad or anything . Specially when I am hurt by one person.

    The sad part  is when I am done already saying and doing crazy things then after all of that , I'm having this feeling of regret. Some kinda disappointment to my self. Just because I loose control and I am hurt or angry I have then the rights to hurt others feelings. I'm not really thinking. I'm getting out of mind mind. What should I say aside from I'M SORRY!! SORRY , SORRY !! for the people I hurt , and the people I disappoint.

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