Tuesday, May 01, 2012

POV of Jhackie : First Heart Break

     Remember your first crush ? your first love ? How about your first heart break ? your first heart ache ? Do you still remember the feeling ? Do you still remember the pain ? Off course you'll remember . " First love never Dies ", that was the saying which made your first heart break more memorable and unforgettable. It keeps the stain in your heart that gives that special something into the first heart break you experience that just keep you remembering that very day when you first get hurt , when you first get blocked and when you first get broke.

      A teenager once ask, " When will I know if I'm already in love with someone ? " . Crucial question which gives a headache to her mom. " You got a crush on someone ?? if your admiring him, then he's your crush. When time come that you're already feeling hurt . I guess that's the time the you can say that your officially in love" . Feeling the pain is the key to knew that your already loving someone. A teenager would be confused between the so called "crush " and "love". Those two things are very much different in all aspects. Your first crush may not be your first love , but your first love is always your first heart break. Why? because you can't actually say that you already had you first love unless you experience your first heart break.

    The sweetness and happiness of the first love is much and double when the bitterness and madness of the first heart break attacks. Your fairy tale will become your hellish story ever made. Frustrated and frightened of what will happen next . You'll feel stock in a corner and be unnoticed. That's the feeling when you already experience your first heart break. Worst is when there's no one to comfort and support you in your darkest nights and all you think is that your alone and rejected.

   Over coming your first heart break : Easy ?? your absolutely wrong. To overcome this is like forgetting your first love. Remember the saying again , " First Love Never Dies ", so how can you forget and overcome this. All you need to do is to move on. [ Moving on is another topic when it comes to love discussion. Just wait for my another point of view ] For your first heart break , earn advice's from those people whose done with that phase. Listen to them and accept the fact that your just stepping forward and will face another boy/girl. Remember that you will need a helping hand in your life to help you carry on ^_^


karensmith said...

First love never dies indeed. I miss the feeling of being in love.

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Jhackie said...

Uhh I'm happy, I still have readers ^__^

tatess said...

my first love was in high school, it was sad when we parted ways.i still remember him but i can't remember the feeling anymore.