Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Day in College

    My first day in College ?? Quite exciting . There were butterflies on my stomach and I can't sleep the day before it . I'm entering the Polytechnic University of the Philippines , a state University in the Philippines as a college student now . ( ^_^)/ I'm very much excited to meet other people specially my block mates and seniors which I already met through facebook. Facebooking really help me to connect and enjoy chatting with my future and now present blockmates. Although our class starts too late ( June 19 ) at least we already knew each other and expect that our first day would not be too boring .

a photo after our lunch with new college friends

        Our schedule time is not that hectic so we were not at the "HAGARDNESS" stage for now . By the way if I had some time I'll try to upload my schedule here. I'm taking PNR (  Philippine National Railways ) as my way of commuting but luckily , sarcastically speaking , that deym PNR left me. So what do I expect . I'M LATE ON MY FIRST DAY ! WATTA ! So lucky because when I arrived , our professor is not yet in and he's late also. Some introduction to our subjects and so on . There was some changes in our curriculum that made us yield ! One of our subject was change and now , we are the first batch who will be learning 4 languages ( Mandarin , Spanish , French , Nihongo ) in our Foreign Language class  (^o^) and that was fantastic !!

     We do election of the class officers after introducing ourselves one by one in front . We are 55 in all!
My known friends in facebook won the highest position and I'm happy for them . Me ?? na'ah !! I don't wann ashoukder any responsibilities for now . I just wanna focus on my studies and take life serious for now on !
We took our break time and then back to our class room.

     Everything went well on m first day and I'm very happy to meet my block mates , the person whom I will be at the nest 4 years to come . GOD BLESS TO US AND MAY THE POWER OF GOD GUIDE US ON OUR STUDIES .

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