Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting a terror PROFESSOR !

   Yeah right !! I just started my serious week as a college student . Well , kinda boring at the first week because there was only 2 to 3 professors that come and meet us . Traditionally first week is the adjustment area where we do nothing but full of introductions. But now that the 3rd week of school is coming along , where facing some strict rules and regulations already.

   (>__<) HUH !! We just met 2 terror professor that gonna ruin our college life . Uwaaah !! ( O.A ) Not that exaggerated but I guess they might be ?? Rumors from the higher years advice us to be more grade conscious for there are some prof's who really gives so low grades . Now , we met this prof who was said as a terror one. 1 minute passed  and nothing happened but after 3 hours of that eencounter . We feel that we already can't breath . It is because of those so many requirements and indeed , it was not jost requirements but so , so hard requirements . He's very strict in time , or in attendance and in the proper attire . His house rules are so uuuurgh !!

   Pray for me people . I might get 3 on my card and I don't want that . I'm DESPERATELY having some troubles now but I'm gonna cope up with all this adjustment in my college life . Hey , hey !! Gonna blog all the happenings SO WATCH OUT !!!

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