Friday, June 01, 2012

Smart Decision Making

    Decision making is a hard task to do. You need to think of it once or twice, better yet thrice ! We all need to be smart in making our decisions . People get confuse sometimes and the outcome are not good.

    I am a teenager and yes , I'm having a hard time coming up on my decisions. I just think of it once then everything is okay but the its not okay after all. I don't waste time giving importance into choosing my decision so I always end messed up. Well I have this crazy minds and crazy thought that control my actions so I can't blame my self . mwahahaha , I'm just trying everything life offers me ! ( anu daw ?? haha)

    Like for example blogging . When I first blog I really love it . I've been active for a couple of months then after that I get tired of it . Well , try another one like online part time job hunting . I wasted lots of my time here and then get bored.  I can say that I am so moooooodyy . as in MOODY .Sometimes i thought that I'm a bipolar person ! harhar. But well , I can be as prrofessional as I can and pretend that I'm genius but then I can't do that for a long time because I get sick of it . I am easily to disturb and to be interrupt.  So I am loosing my focus on one thing.

  I getting out of the topic. Anyways, in connection to that , in short I am so trying hard in making decisions like what I want or what I need to do. I will decide this and later I will choose another one . haaaaist what unpredictable attitude I have. I'm tired and sick of this . I can't really stick to one interest.

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