Monday, June 04, 2012

One Short Love story


------ **

I am a girl who see's the world transparent. I look at it with my two eyes wide open .
I am a girl who learn to see the world as dark as it can be. I was a girl who discovers the d*mn part of life . 
The world , the life . They are so unfair .


I am a boy who see's the world at it's worst. I look at it with my eyes closed but my heart open . 
I am a boy who learns to see the brighter side of the world . I was a boy who discovers the beuty beyond my dark world.
The world rotates . The life has its own cycle  though , they are both unfair !!


I saw a girl sitting by the road. Her teary eyes caught my attention . Her angelic face , magnets my eyes . Her aura pulls my heart down .This undefined feeling leads me to a conclusion that in a glance I knew I fell inlove with this strange beautiful creature.

I stared at her almost an hour . Never took my eyes away from her. Never waste time to look at her . 
A man came to her direction . Gets her hand up then rapidly pulls her . I saw her looking at me . Her eyes was full of unknown burden . I saw the sadness and the pain in her . I just saw an angel in mournful situation . I don't know what to feel , what to do ! I wanted to run and be her hero but I just can't . 

That girl that I saw was really an angel. She's to high to reach . She's beyond my world. That girlis my fantasy. A fantasy of mine that I know will never come true. 

I still find ways to stole some glimpse of her. I still find tricks to See her beautiful face. II just can't control myself. Hence of my situation . Hence of this d*mn status in life. I still want to see my star. My moon . My life .


I knew this boy . This pathetic boy who always peeps on my window. This boy who always looks at me from a distance.  This  boy whom I wish to be my savior , This boy who stole my heart . 

Every night I dream of him . Wishing and begging God to give him the strenght to save me . Every morning is a new hope . I always have faith .

And yes , I the girl from the mansion , the girl from a far , the heir of a powerful family fell inlove with a stranger . 


Finally I get the chance to talk to her . Laugh with her . 

This day of committed sin was the best day for me . I was delighted and a spark of bright light appears in my life . There's a brighter side of the world waiting for me with this angel beside me .Yes , this angel beside me brought the hope. He took all in me,everything, but thank God  he left one girl who means everything to me. 

I committed a sin , but I committed it happy . For the first time in myy life , I got the chance to laugh , to love . For the first time in my life I'm free. For the first time in my life I'm happy . It's all because of him . That boy made me complete . He really made me complete .



"starting today you are not allowed to go out of this house without my permission . I will not allow that idiot to see you anymore. I won't allow your f***'n relation go deeper .. Don't you ever forget Agatha , you are into marry Andrew. Don't even dare to refuse or else your boy will suffer "


We fight for our love . We fight for our relation . But who am I , a poor guy who have nothing to give to my angel. A poor guy who can't promise anything but love. What a world ! ! 


I will never surrender . This is my chance to have my freedom . I will never give up. My life , my love , my boy , I will always fight for him .


Yes , she did it ! She did not give up , she did not surrender . I'm the one who looses the game. I'm affraid to take away everuthing from her. I'm afraid she might looe all that she have now just because of me . I failed. I surrender . 

But before I leave I made a deal with her parents beefore I give my angel back to them . 

" Here's my life , my angel . I'm giving her back to you. I don't wan't her to be hurt . I don't wanna see tears rolling down her face . Take good care of her . Let';s make a deal before I go. !! "

" then what was it ?? proove your worth of our daughter ! proove it then I will allow hr to marry you "

" Yah , that was exactly what i wanted to say ! someday I will return . I will comeback for my angel . That day , I will stand in front of you , chin up and I'll ensure you that I already have everything ."


Why ? why ? why ?

why did hee go ? where did he go ? 

who can answer my quetions ? ... tears are rushing . They fall faster than ever from my eyes .

I can't bare the pain anymore. I can't !


I work hard . Study hard . Live hard .

I did everything . I suffer with pain and loneliness.

I'm longing and misssing my angel but this is all for her .

** Almost 6 years of living life as hard as it can be . I finally got something .

I got the diploma and the degree . I got the companyu ang the postion .

I got money and power . But I still don't have everything when I don't have my angel.


I search and search and search for my Agatha . .

through 1 year of investigation of the long lost daughter of the most powerful family last 6 years ago .

I found myself standing infront of a tomb .





I don't know what to do . My face has no expression . My hands and knees are shaking .

My lips want's to speak but there's no word coming out . 

I didn't notice those tears running down my face . 

"Agatha my angel . Agatha my angel . "

I fell down . I can't control myself anymore .

An old woman come infront of me holding a letter

" Last 6 years ago ,  Mr. and Ms. Hormes gave this to me with 100 , 000 thousand pesos , They instructed me that whenever  I saw a man come here and see him crying as if he's not a man . I should give this letter to him "


the letter says ,
Mom / Dad ,
    For how many years I live the way you wanted me to live . I followed what you wanted me to follow. I never have the chance to be happy . I never got the chance to be complete . Until then I meet Arthur . An idiot ,pathetic and poor boy who gives me everything you failed to give me. He gives me joy . He draw the smile in my face . He gives me love . He gives me a baby . 
   Mom / Dad , I love you so much . Please tell Arthur that I'm fine and happy now. Please don't tell him this . Please tell him I loved hem so much . Tell him that I'm the luckiest girl in the world when I met him .
   Bye mom and dad . I love you so .
--- Agatha

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