Saturday, November 05, 2011

IMY !!

     This day was quite a lonely one for me. hhmm what was wrong ?? Longing for someone ?? or just missing every one .  Who am I pertaining to ?  Okay, today  lets talk about my friends. My ever loyal , supportive and crazy friends ever . The people who was destined to cross the path which I'm taking and join me for a walk. The people who shed tears and laughter's with me . How I wish we could be at one road for a lifetime. How I wish to spend the everyday with them to fill it wit happiness. Oh ! they are worth missing and looking for ....

     Friends ?? someone you can lean on . Someone you can cry on . Someone you can open your heart too. Someone who knows you inside out . Some who lends a helping hand. There are so much definition for a friend . So much adjectives to describe he/she. But don't you ever wonder why friend is there . Why the word friend exist ?? I can say that it has a connection in the phrases "each man is not an island" and " everyone of us have responsibilities/obligation " . Being a friend is just simply loving someone. A special love that we can give to others without malice. Being a friend is an honor .  There are no bad and good friends or called BI ( bad influence ) and GI ( good influence ). It is actually a choice for us what path we will take .

    For now , I just misses my old friends. I misses the moments and memories . I'm longing for them too much . Missing the times we raised shot glasses and ate junk foods. Share plates and drinks. Toast for a beer. Share problems and depressions. Wen't to the guidance office together. Made crime together .. I'm searching for the comfort that we gave to each other .The memories of the friendship is indeed a treasure to keep. The friends I met and have bond too is stock here in my heart . I will all keep them and never ever forgot them.

   Its time to be back in reality. Its time to accept the fact that everything changes. The time , the day and people are not the same anymore. I have to accept that these people that I called friends only join me for a walk . A walk that will end soon when we get to another crossing. We have to walk in separates ways. Departing time had come.

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